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I am a firm believer that anyone can work if they want to.  The key here is getting an education that supports the job one applies for.

If an eligible worker applies for a job, with or without accommodations they should be able to be in the workforce.

Sometimes this means a lot of work to job match and make sure the structure of the job fits the abilities of the person applying.

I have worked in this area for 10 years and have only seen 2 people not end up in sustained, gainful employment.  These two individuals also decided that they did not want to work.  I have worked over this period of time with many people with various disabilities, most with significant disabilities.

The hard part here is convincing ourselves we can do high power work.  Once this hurdle is overcome, convincing the workplace of the same becomes easier.  This is not to say that discrimination does not occur because it does.  70% of those with disabilities in the U.S. old enough to work and desiring work are unemployed, another 20% are underemployed or seasonally employed (some of this has to do with the structure of disability benefits in the U.S.).  We don't have to be a part of this statistic!  Dream big, follow that dream!  Don't let ourselves or anyone else stop us!

For assistance in obtaining a job, contact your local Center for Independent Living, Regional Center, Vocational Rehabilitation office, or state Career Center. Many states have combined these offices into One-Stops.

I have recently had several questions regarding getting disability benefits.  Every situation is different and must be weighed as an individual.  However, having said this, I am a fan of not using the assistance unless absolutely necessary because many state systems are extremely complicated, invasive, intrusive, and subject to much change that ends up taking a large amount of time and energy better spent with family and friends.  Disability assistance is also very tough to get off of once you start.  There are many disincentives built into the public system that make it virtually impossible to rise above a certain level in the workplace, save more than a certain amount of money, own a home or car or even a savings account.  Some people may be able to find loopholes, but things change so quickly that this will require a lot of time and energy that I can find better use for elsewhere.

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