Bloom's Connect


Education is the key in this life.  With a good education, doors to our futures can open.

For people older than myself with Bloom's this was an issue because there were no legal mandates for either our presence in school or our actual education.  Thanks to the Individual's With Disabilities Education Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Technology Act and the Telecommunications Act, we have many more chances to be the best we can be.  Let's not waste the opportunity!  Education can be the key to better jobs.  Better jobs mean better standards of living including better healthcare and more flexibility with transportation and housing which helps those of us with medical conditions related to Bloom's--not to mention--who wouldn't want to be rich!?!

School can be a touchy subject politically so let me just say that there are pro's and con's to public, private, religious, and home schooling methods.  You must weigh these pro's and con's for yourselves and decide what is best for each child.  Even between siblings, regardless of disability, this may be different.

Private and religious schools are not bound by U.S. non-discrimination laws per say, but may have an agenda including better access to individualized education.  Public schools may have the mandate to be more accessible, but may not enforce this well and not spend resources on it.  Home schooling may be necessary due to medical need, at least for a short period of time, but access to a peer group may be more limited.

None of the above is a definite and even with the risk, these can be planned around and positive situations can be gained from any setup.  The keys are planning, evaluation, and willingness to speak up and change things if need be.

I personally highly recommend fully included classrooms as opposed to mainstreaming or even self-contained settings because we live in the world with others with and without disabilities, it is important for us, and those around us, to know this from the start.  We are no different than anyone else, save a piece of a chromosome.  Why educate us differently?