Bloom's Connect


Having Children:  Just because we are small and slight should not dissuade us from our dreams.  It has been stated that many of us, especially males are infertile.  I encourage us all to explore this if desired.  Medical advances in this area in recent years have made so many previously unthinkable things possible.  There have been some women with Bloom's who have had children. Just because you have Bloom's Syndrome, does not mean that you will necessarily have a child with Bloom's Syndrome.  The Bloom's gene is a recessive gene (meaning that both parents must pass on the gene for Bloom's for the child to have Bloom's Syndrome).  You can be a carrier of the gene and not be symptomatic.

Don't forget that having a child is only the beginning--then there is parenting.  Talk with your partner and family about issues involving our potential for shortened life span and complications of cancer.  With the right support, having children and bringing them up is a very real possibility for us.  Don't forget, adoption is another option.  Keep in mind that adoption for people with developmental disabilities (Bloom's is a developmental disability) is more difficult in 32 states in the United States still.  This is a cultural bias that I hope will be addressed and wiped out soon, but for the moment we will be scrutinized more highly and questioned more.  We will unfortunately have to jump through more hoops.  This is not to say I discourage trying, I don't.  Just go into any situation knowing what you will have to face and having a game plan for how to deal with it.


Dating and Marriage:  The key here is self-esteem and self-confidence.  If you are afraid that physical appearance will limit your chances then you automatically limit your chances.  If a person is going to like you, they will do so for what is inside, not just by how you look.  Ok, so physical attraction does factor in, but it should not be the ONLY factor.  I have had the occasional negative experience on a public bus with someone obviously infatuated with how I appear.  Be careful of these folks!  Many of us have married, some resulting in children as I stated above.