Connections for people with Bloom's Syndrome and our loved ones


Hello, I am Sheryl and I am proud to be a Bloomie!

Welcome to Blooms Connect, a place where I hope you will join me as a proud Bloomie!

In November 1996, a miracle happened and I met a wonderful young man with Bloom's Syndrome.  Myself being the 72nd case diagnosed, this was both unexpected and AMAZING!  I felt closer to him than my family because we shared so many things that others could not.  Right then I decided to make it possible for all of us with Bloom's Syndrome to become connected, no matter where in the world we live.  Through this site we will be able to share experiences, tips, and strategies for living the good life. 

With pleasure I encourage those with Bloom's and our loved ones to seek each other out and share.  For more information about Bloom's Syndrome, living as a person with Bloom's Syndrome, loving a person with Bloom's Syndrome, about Bloom's Connect, or anything else in life, please feel free to contact me via email.



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