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Speedometer. Waypoints export.

Supported in version 1.8 export formats are:

iGO csv, Navitel csv, Garmin csv, Google Earth KML and KMZ, GPX wpt and rte.

To export, open the list of existing collections (MENU > WAYPOINT COLLECTIONS):

Tap on a settings button on a row with a collection you want to export and use the "action" button:

Choose "Export" action and pick the desired export format:

Once you pick the row with the target export format, "Email" and "Save" options will appear. "Email" option will add the export file to the email as an attachment. "Save" provides options to save the export file to iCloud drive, Dropbox, Google drive and any other "drive" for which you might have the corresponding "drive" app installed. If you have airdrop on your Mac enabled, it will appear there as well. Here is an example from my iPhone: