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Version 1.8.2. What's new?

Optimized for iPhone X (FREE+PRO)

All 100+ screens in the app have been reviewed and adjusted where needed to support iPhone X screen specifics. Some layout decisions are subject to review in the future and re-iterate on.

What I'm missing most on iPhone X is status bar time and battery indicators in landscape. Should I add "always on" battery and time indicator to the app's landscape mode? Also upside down orientation is missing on iPhone X, I explain it by FaceID specifics - nothing can be done with it at the moment. I know that your ideas and suggestions will help with making right decisions here.

Enough said for iPhone X! Let me continue with new features:

🔔 New speed limit alert options (PRO)

Screen for sound alert has been reworked:

You can pick the sound as always, vibrate and screen flash option has moved to this screen. Totally new is an "Alert type" option, you can pick from:
  • Continuous (current default)
  • Single
Continuous is doing what it says, as long as you are over the speed limit - it mercilessly shouts. This is the default and the only available option for the free version.
Single will shout once per each speed limit violation, quite less bothering option than the default one.

Last row in this screen is "General sound settings" - new to this version as well, lets take a look.

🔈 New sound options (PRO)

New to this version is "General sound settings" screen. I hope this screen can be really useful for either fine tuning alert and voice sound or troubleshooting possible car vs. iPhone sound issues. 

New options include:
  • Play alert and messages via bluetooth hands free.
  • Route alert and sound to built in loud speaker when A2DP connection is active.
  • Reduce sound volume from other apps when alert or voice messages are playing.
  • Mute/unmute all sound output from the app.
  • Show mute/unmute button on main screen:

Screen also shows current output device name and provides "play" button to test sound and voice alerts.

💰 New cost/fuel options (PRO)

Screen for cost and fuel settings has been reworked. You can still use it as a calculator between US MPG, Liters and UK (can't say UK MPG anymore as it's a mix of miles, gallons, pence and litres:)). 

Totally new in this version are:
  • 'Miles Per Liter' and 'Kilometers per Liter' fuel efficiency options.
  • Configurable currency symbol:
  • Optional driving range monitoring:

This driving range monitoring is something veteran car owners and broken dashboard car owners have been asking for quite some time. Please use with understanding that accuracy of this feature is totally dependent on how disciplined you are while tracking the distance. When automatic tracking comes, this will have more meaning as well.

📈 Speed graph option for the GPS dash (PRO)

iPhone X work interrupted the process of adding 0-X acceleration feature just when the speed graph part of it was ready. Instead of hiding this until final 0-X delivery I decided to provide it "as is". You can pick this dashboard from "Advanced Settings" > "GPS dashboard". Here is the look of it:

🗻 Compass + altitude panel option for the iPod area (PRO)

One of the requests from pilots was showing altitude instead of coordinates. This is now available as a new panel for the iPod area:

Another requirement was to show altitude in either feet or meters independently on other settings in the app. This is possible by tapping below the "ALTITUDE" label and picking the unit.

🗺 Return of a "map only" track view (PRO)

I've got several comments after "map only" option was taken away in the previous version. Returning it back now with huge thanks for your feedback!

💼 .kml import for waypoints and tracks (PRO)

Supports both Geometry and gx tracks. Placemarks are extracted from .kml files as waypoints. Support for .kmz files will come in the future releases.

Miscellany  (PRO + FREE)

- (PRO+FREE) Tapping on a speed units switch on the main screen now shows a confirmation menu for speed units change - should avoid accidental units change/tickets.
- (PRO) Tracks list has been reworked. Looks almost the same, though track and trips names should be now easier to see. Rework should facilitate showing tags and automatic tracking data in the future releases.
- (PRO) You can make a URL waypoints collection a default and move waypoints to it from other collections, but this requires URL collection to have sync frequency as None/Manual - so your manually added waypoints are not overwritten during the next sync. This should support scenarios when you keep camera files on Dropbox, update it manually at times and then sync back (manually) to the app.
- (PRO) Made "extras" in HUD/Full screen brighter. You can always adjust the overall brightness of HUD, so making these a bit dimmed was not the best idea from me.
- (PRO) Made customization of speed limit and iPod areas more available by turning the "customization button" into standard blue buttons with a single tap to open the customization options.

This is it for version 1.8.2 - January 2018. Hope you'll like the new additions! 

Free/START version user? You can upgrade in the AppStore by tapping here or support the ongoing development with your review or rating by tapping here.

PRO version owner? Please consider supporting the app and future updates with your review or rating. As easy as tapping here and leaving me few words of a support.

If this app is best at something - it is having the best users! Thank you for all the kindness, feedback and inspiration you constantly provide! And special thanks to beta testers for taking the beta app for test drives!

And a bit on what's next. Roadmap for year 2018 looks like: 0-X acceleration, optional automatic tracking + tax reports, trip planner, OBD?, dashcam?, routing instructions in trip planner, routing in the map?, routing in the HUD?, optional real time speed/location sharing with parents/family/friends. Plus ideas you'll keep adding, as always! :)