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Version 1.8.1. What's new?

Polished and optimized for iOS 11! 

Making sure everything works smoothly for you when you update to iOS 11. Great thanks and deep bow to all the beta testers who were taking the app for test drives since July 2017!

As free version has now "START" in its name and icon, I added  "PRO" to the full/paid version name and icon, so there is no ambiguity when both icons are present on the same home screen. Here is the new PRO version icon:

In addition to iOS 11 polish I've also fixed the issue in PRO version when Google map would be showing you speed limit signs always in U.S. format, even if you'd have "Rest of World" format setup in the settings. A few localization errors have been fixed as well. Nothing else has been reported so far for version 1.8 (except that I have to return map-only track view and declutter the 'don't follow me' mode - I'll work on both) and thus I'm off to adding new cool functions!

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As release 1.8.1 is more about keeping the right oil level in the engine, here are cool turbo things from major release 1.8:

"Visualize and explore" screen for the GPS Black box. (FREE + FULL VERSIONS)

Aka prove you are right or "Fortune favors the prepared!"

You can now review black box data by viewing it on a map and delve into any time span or point that data are available for. MENU > GPS Black box > "Visualize and explore" option will take you to this screen.

Using a metric screenshot here and hope to be excused for interchangeably using metric and imperial. You know the app supports both + nautical! 

You can zoom, tap, drag, pan on a chart to focus on the time range or point that you want to see the data for. Move the light blue point line to see the data for the particular moment on the map.

Light blue point line counts time backwards here, as zero point is the most recent point in the black box and you are going back in its history. In the area above it, you see exact time and coordinates for the point shown. Above this you have maximum value of speed for the selected time span. 

Now you can respond to any speeding accusation by selecting the time span under question and showing your max speed in it. More granularity is required? Move point line to the exact time under question!

What if you need this data for the later proof? When you open this "visualize and explore" screen app takes a snapshot of the stored in black box data to present on this screen. You can save this snapshot by tapping on a "Save" button. You can open this historical snapshot later by tapping on a "folder" button top-right on the screen.

Action button on top allows you to send or save the current snapshot or a historical snapshot data by email or save it iCloud, Dropbox, Facebook etc. When sharing method supports attachments (email, saving to note), black box csv file will be attached.

Warning! App records the black box data only when it runs. Free version is not allowed to run in the background and records only when it is visible on the screen. In full version, to ensure continuous recording when needed, either use MENU > WORK IN BACKGROUND or NEW TRACK to make sure app stays working in the background. Also check that counters are not paused (MENU > RESUME COUNTERS, if you are not tracking)! Later, MENU > DON'T WORK IN BACKGROUND or STOP TRACK will make sure that app dies when not present on the screen.

Youtube video on new black box capabilities: https://youtu.be/ySo00WIo3fI

Night mode for the Google map (FULL + PARTIALLY IN FREE)

Carefulness costs you nothing.

To keep you safe at night! Accessible via Advanced Settings > "Map settings" > Google map settings and then "Street map style" if you want to switch it on permanently, or there is an option at the bottom to apply the night mode for the Google map whenever main screen night mode applies. This will ensure that Google map night mode can be automatically applied when you set automatic night mode for the main screen.

FREE version users have option to have night mode for the Google map automatically applied. Safety comes first! To get to that settings screens without app offering an upgrade, use the "layers" button on the map and visit Google map settings from here, the bottom option again.

New screen for exploring and analyzing tracks (FULL VERSION ONLY)

Visualizations act as a campfire around which we gather to tell stories. (Al Shalloway)

Explore your tracks by viewing them on the map and with support of a chart where you can tap/pan/zoom to focus on the time interval or any point. This is "Map + chart" option (default) in the track viewing screen:

Using an imperial screenshot here and hope to be excused for interchangeably using metric and imperial. You know the app supports both + nautical!

But the app would not have aspirations to be your favorite speedometer app if it would not give you more views! Tap on a settings button on top to pick from 3 views possible (at the moment!):

Map + chart (the one shown above)
Map + stats
Map + cost

I'm going to cut the map part out to save your internet data, here is stats part of the "Map + stats" for the track above:

And here is the cost view part:

How the app gets to the cost of the track? You enter cost parameters on the cost dash and app saves them for the each newly created track. 

Try to share track images (action button > Share track image) on Facebook or via email and you'll see!

When there is no cost information on the track (may be you have not had it entered at the time of the track creation or the track is imported), app uses the current cost information you have setup.

"Water sports boat" mode (FULL VERSION ONLY)

There's nothing like a beautiful sunset to end a healthy day. (Rachel Boston)

This is done for scenarios when sound alert is not audible (a motor boat!) plus you need to be on shore before the sunset or you'll be penalized! Alerting by flashing with the digits background is good for attracting the peripheral vision.

Idle timer and alert mode (FULL VERSION ONLY)

When you can't stop for longer then for X minutes at once and constantly have to monitor idle/moving times, average speed and distance passed - You are probably a rally driver or a test pilot for BMW :). Then this is the mode for you:

MENU > MODES  and pick "Idle timer and alert" mode at the bottom.

In this mode, TIME panel shows idle/moving time monitor and allows to setup the current stop duration alert. By default, alert is disabled. Tap on a @"-------" button above the ALERT label in the time dash to open the alert settings:

You can setup both the alert timer and options for alerting as Voice, Beep or Vibrate:

Return back to the main screen and now, whenever you stop for longer than the idle alert threshold, you'll bee notified by a beep, voice message or vibration.

Flash with screen background overspeed alert (FULL VERSION ONLY)

If speedometer's sound alert is not loud enough for you, here is one more visual option to alert you when over the limit. "Advanced Settings" > "Flash alert":

New map and land nav features (FULL VERSION ONLY)

If you are an outdoor type you might welcome speedometer becoming quite stronger on a land navigation side. Not to be a secret that there is an outdoor "brother" app to speedometer  - Compass 55. Speedometer app is getting all the benefits that come from Compass 55 user experience and features. It's up to you if you decide to use them, they should not come across your way otherwise.

  • Support for both hemisphere (n/s) and latitude band formats for UTM coordinates.
  • Search on a map by place/address, coordinate or existing waypoint.
  • Holding your finger on a map opens option to create waypoint or copy coordinate of a touch.
  • Using relative or absolute bearing to a target waypoint or when navigation along the route.
  • Using total track average speed or recent speed for calculating ETE to a target waypoint.
  • Google map now supports pinning the existing track to it.
  • Dedicated section for Land Navigation in the Advanced Settings

It's just map in the app was quite useless before and now it should hopefully have a great utility value for the outdoor,  flying or boating users.

Maintenance and smaller features

  • Fixes for iOS 11 (beta and beyond).
  • Time format (24h vs. AM/PM) now has their own place in the Advanced Settings.
  • Font for showing data values changed to the "Helvetica" system one.
  • Waypoints can be now filtered by collection in the waypoints screen. Waypoints filter also has "Show all" option.
  • New option for the iPod area - time and date panel.
  • Added option for handling NO GPS time as idle or moving time. "Advanced settings" > "Zero speed and NO GPS".
  • "Countdown to sunset" panel option added to show instead of original Time and Date panel. "Advanced settings" > "Time dashboard".
  • "Idle timer" panel option added to show instead of original Time and Date panel. "Advanced settings" > "Time dashboard".
  • A lot of bug fixes and optimizations took place.

More to come and I'm off to adding more features! Thank you so much for all of the ideas and suggestions! And being such great users!

If you decide to leave me a review or rating, I'll be really honored! 

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