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Version 1.6. What's new?

‣‣ REMEMBER the speed limit, so speedometer can apply the speed limit automatically next time. 
‣‣ 8 speed limits option. 
‣‣ IMPORT speed and red light camera data from one of the many poi providers (poi-factory, poi-plaza, scdb). 
‣‣ ALERT on speed and red light cameras.  
‣‣ Separate SOUND and VOICE alert volumes. 
‣‣ New options for the heads-up/full screen.
And more!

Remember speed limit.

Apply speed limits as you drive and next time you drive through the same place, speedometer will re-apply them automatically for you. Speedometer will remember speed limits and will set them automatically for you from now on. If you applied the speed limit wrongly, have no worries, you can delete or edit stored speed limits easily within speedometer.

Speeding "tolerance".

It was a common request to have a 25 mph speed limit value, but be alerted on 30 mph lets say. Now this is possible! Set it up in "Advanced Settings" > "Speed Colors & Buffer": 

A percentage value can be setup for a buffer value in addition to an absolute value in mph or km/h. Tap on a blue mph or km/h button in the window above to switch to %.

8 speed limits option.

Once speedometer started to remember the speed limits it became obvious that it needs more than 4 values for that. Hold your finger on “Limit presets” button above the presets until the customization options open and chose “8 speed limits” option. That will also hopefully make all Australian and French users happy!!

To activate, hold your finger on "Limit presets" button:

And in the open list of options, pick "8 speed limits":

This should make Australian users happy (showing the landscape view):

Duck other sounds and separate sound and voice alert volumes.

Those new options are available in "Advanced Settings" > "Alert Sounds", bottom of the list:

Alert on speed and red light cameras.

iGo and Navitel speed and red light cameras file formats are supported. Get the file from poi-plaza, scdb or poi-factory web sites, send to yourself via email, open in speedometer, setup alert properties and let speedometer do the rest for you. Garmin csv file format is also supported, but provides less options for alerting as it lacks directionality and direction type of speed cameras.

As you approach a speed camera with a known speed limit, speedometer will also set that speed limit temporarily to alert you, as always, if you are over it.

New options for Heads-up/FULL screen

Now, if you selected full screen as your last choice, speedometer will remember that and next time it will go into full screen with just one tap from the main screen, with no need to tap twice in a HUD screen. 
The "mirror" button will change to a "full-screen" button is case when you used full-screen as you last choice:

HUD/full screen can now show time, altitude, total trip distance, current distance counter and GPS course. Hold finger on HUD/full screen speed digits for options. Here are options currently available:

Maximum of two extra options can be shown on a HUD or full screen at once. If you picked current distance counter to be shown, just hold your finger on speed number to see the option to reset it.

Rotation lock has become more intelligent and now remembers your orientation preference so hud/full screen is actually ready to use with a single tap, even if you have a specific orientation preference for it!

As always, to switch between HUD and full screen, just tap twice on speed digits. 

Taximeter tariffs switch

To use taxi tariffs switch instead of speed limits, just follow the same procedure as in "8 speed limits", but pick "Taximeter tariffs switch" to be able to switch between tariffs with one tap.

Song title and artist in landscape micro ipod view

Speedo is designed for those who love information and this bit of it was missing in a landscape mode! Fixing it now:

Available in current beta.

Waypoint collections.

You can now separate waypoints into logical collections:

Collections can be exported and imported in Garmin, iGO and Navitel csv formats.

Editor for waypoint direction, type, speed limit and direction type

Those using speed camera poi files with their GPS units and now moving to the speedometer app will surely appreciate the ability to change poi parameters directly in the app.

Here is a short video tutorial for a waypoint editor or a text based manual: Edit waypoint/poi type, course, speed limit, direction type

MAP advancements

Map full screen now features two positions - covering the whole screen or leaving space for iPod or Waypoints alert monitor.
Option "Create waypoint here" was added to the actions offered when you hold your finger on the map.
Also, if you hold your finger on an Apple map, there is a new option "Go offline/online" so you can keep the space only for showing waypoints/cameras and be sure no internet data are consumed.
Google map is updated to the latest version and that also solves an issue with traffic data being shown in a very "faint" way.

GPX export for tracks

GPX export will provide speed information via extended GPX that complies with GARMIN format.

Map scale ruler for all map types

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