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Version 1.5.4 - What's new

Current full version is 1.6. Version 1.6 adds about 10 more options/functions, see what's new in version 1.6 or you can upgrade by tapping here.

A gift to all full version users - unlimited number of offline and custom maps for FREE! Be sure to grab it in "Advanced Settings" > "In-App Purchases".

Full screen mode for a map (free and full versions)

To change speed limits while you are in a full screen, just swipe left right on the bottom speed panel. To access menu, hold you finger on a speed panel until menu appears. Most important new buttons for the above screen is #11 to open map settings and #6 to exit from a full screen mode. You can read more on map here.

As always, if you hold your finger on a map, options will appear to hide/show waypoints and center or not the map per your location.

All other functions mentioned on this page will relate to a full version. If you only want to know what else is new in free version 1.5.4, you can jump over here. Also full version 1.5.3 added a lot of features that would be new to you if you upgrade from a free version to full now.

- Multiple map providers

Tap on a button #11 to open map settings:

Offline maps

Download maps when it's convenient for you to use them when you go off-grid or just don't want to exhaust your data plan.

To add a map, tap on a plus sign in map settings and pick "Offline map" option:

Enter a short name for a map, where to download it from (your custom url map sources can be used here as well), map region and zoom levels. Including lower zoom levels will have a very little impact on a map size, but will make it easier to find your offline area on the map later.

- Custom map sources

Allows you to add a map tile source. Tap on a plus button in a map settings screen to add pick "Online Source" option to add a custom url map source:

Move track between trips
Accessed via new button in track details window and moves all of the track data to another trip:

- Pin track to a live map

All of the maps except for Google's will support "pinning" a track on them, so you can follow the recorded previously track back or forward.

Speed and alert adjustments

Shown and recorded speed can be adjusted to be higher than actual. That can help for scenarios when you need to show same speed as a car's speedometer shows (as car speedometers often show a higher speed than actual).
Sound alert can be delayed up to a few seconds. This may help to avoid false alarms when going over turns or under bridges.

Available via "Advanced settings" > "Speed and alert adjustments":

iOS improvements

There are no problems with running speedometer as it is under iOS8. Though we have prepared few optimizations, specific to iOS8. If you have notifications setup to inform you on a speedo idle time, you'll be able to stop the track or disable backjground mode from the notification itself (remember that pull down or swipe a notification, new to iOS8 feature?):

Reminding to switch the background mode off, pull down the notification to see a "Switch off" option, no need to switch back to the app:

In notification center itself, swipe left on a notification to see a background mode "Switch off" option or a "Stop" option for a track:

Voice confirmation for a selected speed limit

Speedometer can confirm you by voice what’s the speed limit selected. 

"Advanced settings" > "Voice Settings".

New manuals and videos:

We hope you'll let us know via reviews or feedback if you still like the app and what to add next time! More to come, we are already working on a new version! Here is a review link for a FREE or FULL versions.