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Version 1.5.2 - What's new

New menu. (Free and full versions)

Now you can see and control all of the app main functions in one place and with button sizes that you can't miss. We hope you'll find this new menu a great addition especially for landscape mode on iPhone and of course, iPad. A handy option to open this menu is to double tap on speed digits.

Waypoints. (Full version only)

Now you can create waypoints as you drive. Waypoints are not mute, you can attach an audio note to them and photo. Creation of a waypoint may be as easy as double tap on speed digits. Hold the speed digits until menu comes up asking for what to do on a double tap.

waypoints on the map

Whenever you see waypoint on a map you can tap on it to invoke its options:

And of course you can manage every aspect of waypoints via the main menu. Use "Waypoints" menu item to see, search and manage waypoints or "New Waypoint" to create a new waypoint from scratch. 

You can also create a waypoint just by double tap on the speed digits! How? Please hold the speed digits until you see the following menu to appear: 

Progress by tapping the "Double tap action" and then pick "Create waypoint" option:

And pick the option you like for waypoint to be created:

Few seconds audio can be attached or/and photo can be taken when you double tap to create a waypoint. All by itself, you'll just have to double tap. We encourage you to experiment!

Rally computer. (Full version only)

This is not a 100% substitute for a $200 rally computer, but may serve you well in many occasions. The idea is, that instead of a map, you can get some selected counters to be shown in quite bigger fonts. To switch rally mode on, hold the "MAP" arrow and release. You'll see options to switch to rally computer or back to a map. Double tap on a big counter will switch to the next available value. Hold and release on an upper distance counter will open more options for distance correction. Here is a complete user manual for a rally computer.

Examples of rally computer screens:

Showing average speed an timer, and here it is showing current counter distance and total trip distance:

Live map. Lock up north (Full version only), remember the scale and viewing angle (free and full versions).

Showing the map with area ahead of you on top is still our preferred way. Though having map top always pointing to north is quite convenient to many map experts. There is an option added in "Advanced Settings" > "Map Settings" to lock the map on north. 

In addition to that option, the map zoom level and viewing angle are now remembered.

You can change the zoom level at any moment by either double tap or panning the map. Viewing angle can be changed if you hold two fingers on the map and move them down/up to change the angle. This is all governed by Google, and now what you set is being remembered. When map is locked up north a small hint is provided:

Even more options for the live map.

Just hold your finger on a live map until menu with options appears. You can choose if waypoints should be shown on the map, if map should track your location or not and open map settings.

If you choose "Don't follow me" you'll be able browse around the map as you wish without being force centered on your location every second. You can use same "hold" to re-enable location/direction following or just  use a focus button that appears directly on the map when "follow-me" is disabled:

Vibrate instead of or in addition to the sound alert. (Full version only)

Option is located in "Advanced Settings" > "Alert sounds" at the bottom of sounds list. Useful for scenarios when you keep iPhone in your pocket and still want to be alerted.

Designed for iOS7, still supporting iOS5.1 and iOS6. (Free and full versions)

We applied iOS7 specifics where required. As iOS 7 gives you an extra control in system settings to decide if app can access location services in background, we now give you a warning that some of the functions might be unavailable when you disable background location access for speedometer.

GPS black box control. (Free and full versions)

It is possible to switch the black box off or clear its data. As black box function is connected to GPS tracking function, you will not be able to switch black box off or clear it when GPS tracking is in progress. End your current track first to be able to fully control the black box.

Single GPS track sharing and export. (Full version only)

You can share a single track via email, facebook or twitter and export it to Google Earth (kmz format). An option is also added to see the track and its statistics on a single screen. That's probably the best option to share from.

Look for a sharing button in track screen:

Pick "More sharing options" and you'll see all of the options available for your iPhone or iPad:

And how the shared image looks? Whatever you had shown before sharing - that's what is going to be shared. In our case, we have "All" option selected and it is track stats and map that was onscreen:

And if you pick a Google Earth sharing option, here is how the imported track looks then:

Option to disable GPS error popups. (Free and full versions)

Every GPS error message now has an extra "Ignore" button that lets you disable those popups.


All export formats are now pure comma delimited so you can open it in Excel with no extra effort. 

Built-in iPod player now handles headphone disconnection in a better way. 

Length of detailed GPS track is now 16 hours instead of 8 when built in GPS is used.

This is it for version 1.5.2! You can read what was new in version 1.5.1 and be sure that we are already working on new features and improvements! If you like new changes and would not mind spending a minute giving us a review in Appstore, we'd really appreciate it! Here is a review link for a FREE or FULL versions.

What's new in version 1.5.3 - current full version?