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What's new in beta version? What's next?

Version 1.9.10 is currently in beta development.

Customizable screen corners (upper left and right).

From version 1.9.10 you can customize what to show or which buttons to have in the map or speed screen corners. Here is one example to cover two new possible use cases:

Left map corner has "New waypoint" and "Photo waypoint" buttons, so Philip (US) who wanted to have camera button just one tap away, has it there :). 

Right map corner shows distance between some waypoint and the current location, so Michel (helicopter pilot from Canada), can navigate to a target waypoint, but always have information handy onto distance to the re-fuel point. 

Thank you guys for providing all the feedback and ideas that made the need for such corners obvious :). And for also throwing "I don't need these setting and feedback buttons!" at me!

You start working with corners, by tapping on a "⋮" button in top left/right corners. One thing to note:

Options you select are separate for the speed and map screens, furthermore options for the map "follow me" and "browse/edit" modes are separate as well. If you want to have same tools/readings there, just pick the same ones. This allows you to have the most appropriate tools/readings per each occasion.


You can read more on customizable corners here: Customizable corner panels.

Let me highlight some of the new options here:

Track controls and countdown timer:

Stop watch and master sound on/off:

Distance to a waypoint and altitude:

And the last example, dual countdown timer:

Chris (AU) was providing requirements for the dual timers. Timers do support configurable intervals and alert intervals (voice/sound/beep). This is made with Australian truck drivers in mind and allows to switch between Drive/Rest timers to help staying within legal requirements for driving/resting times. Thank you Chris for driving timers part through its implementation!

QUEUE for future versions:


  • 0-X acceleration
  • Apple watch app
  • optional automatic tracking
  • tax reports
  • trip planner
  • OBD?
  • Dashcam
  • routing instructions in trip planner
  • routing in the map
  • routing in the HUD
  • optional real time speed/location sharing with parents/family/friends
Plus ideas you'll keep adding, as always! :)

  • Route planner and optimizer.
  • Automatic tracking.
  • Tax/reimbursement reports.
  • Tags on trips and tracks.
  • Monthly stats (also as infotainment). Mileage by year/season/month/week or tag.
  • 0-X acceleration timer.
  • KMZ waypoints IMPORT so waypoints' images can be imported.
  • Time limited speed limit signs.
  • OBD2
  • My suggestion would be if it could be possible to automatically upload the black box logging in regular times to e.g Dropbox folder. (Stefan via email)
  • Land meter. Indicates the angle of car slope or tilt — pitching and rolling
  • Lean angle for bikers
  • Turn by turn navigation - online Apple. Many, many +1s.
  • Own vector maps
  • Apple watch app

Repository of ideas to grab from

Small to mid size items

  • Indicator to show if you are going up or down. Maybe having elevation green if ascending and red if descending (Cannery rogue via review).

  • I love this app! It has all I need for driving at quick glance/ touch as I trek across the state and back to visit my fiancée doing her residency. The full screen map mode is my favorite with the music controls on the side. My suggestions would be, in order of importance. 1) Please have the option to put the map in a true night mode, not just make it dimmer. See how Google Maps does it for reference. 2) In full screen map mode please give the option to adjust the size of the speed. It is a bit small now, so a few options would be nice. 3) Again in full screen map mode, if I could move the music controls to either the bottom or the right side I'd be very happy. (AtHiggins via review)

  • I want to be able to record on camera at the same time with the GPS in speed (Garry via email)

  • Choose the default view to the initiation of the application .... the top would have a speed limit database and to link alerts to the database (with% in user choice ). (With manual selection maintains the view). michel.dani23 via review (French AppStore)

  • Analogue speedometer with adjustable top speed (Zach Grasley via review)
  • Hi Stan, I hope u don't mind but I have come up with a new suggestion that may make Speedometer very appealing to car enthusiasts like myself. Adding a dyno bhp graph functionality. You have everything you need, the starting speed, input a few things about the car weight etc and you can work out the estimated whp/bhp graph from the accelerometers remember to allow for inclined/declined. (Brian via email)
  • Is there any way of suppressing the notifications I get on the iPhone like texts and calendar alerts! These come up and cover up the speedo readings. Thanks (Stewart via email).
  • - calculate mpg based on a button to note a fill up with gallons added as an input and tank capacity as a stored setting (Kurt via beta invitation)
  • Large speed display at the top then below that across and not as large but easily see able, distance, time travelled, may be compass, music and menu only. I'm not sure about altitude. 
    Speech control music would help. (Viken via email). 
  • Play/pause button being right next to the flag (starts new track) dropped my current data unintentionally with no option to resume track from the track list... Separation of the buttons and ability to resume tracks would be nice. (Justin via email)
  • Deep search in the app (waypoints and tracks)
  • Auto background on power cord on/off
  • MPVolumeView (easier selection of the sound output)
  • Add counters reset confirmation dialog to avoid incidental reset of counters.
  • Give a chance to download only the missing zoom levels for the offline map!
  • More options for a speed limit announcement - beep instead of voice, lets say (Waze does it this way)
  • Option to keep speed limits in a dedicated collection
  • Dedicated lane camera type
  • RADAR View (view cameras monitored approach on a live map on in a dedicated "radar" view with no map). Now done by a waypoint monitor panel.
  • SPOTIFY integration
  • Categorize track optimization modes as driving, sport, research
  • Raw log and sessions replay for the accelerometer and tilt/roll data.

Mid to huge size items

  • Automatic speed limits - try OSM data (planned for beta in November 2016)
  • Route planner. Optimize route between multiple waypoints.
  • Auto miles as a free in-app
  • Wifi back/rare view camera to be shown automatically when switched on.
  • Turn by turn navigation - online (Google + Apple). Many, many +1s. (Scheduled for after iOS10 release).
  • Vector maps
  • Turn by turn navigation - offline
  • COST tracking module
  • Community cloud (doing research now, building a base: going the Erlangy/NoSql/Postgre path)
    • keep data, settings
    • cost and reports
    • follow community members on a map
  • Gas prices information
  • ETA to waypoints (+ in a different way - based on a recorded track)
  • Apple watch app

The list above is based on YOUR ideas and developer is totally open to accepting new ideas. You can add your ideas or give +1 (important to set priorities!) to existing via your reviews or emailing the developer (star button). Here is a review link for a FREE or FULL versions.