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What's new in beta version? What's next?

Public version 1.8 has been released on 25th of August 2017 and beta has same functionality at the moment:

Version 1.8. What's new?

Here is the historical log of work on version 1.8 and outstanding items/ideas at the bottom.

Done and in the queue for version 1.8:

Final polish and tiny fixes  (released in beta #53, August 22, 2017)

This is probably the final beta for version 1.8 as I plan to submit it to Apple for a review at Wednesday night (23-Aug-2017). If you see anything wrong, I'll appreciate greatly if you let me know. The only known issue from the previous beta for iOS 11 (iPod controls freezing the whole app at some times) seems to be resolved in iOS 11 beta 7 at 21st of August.

Fixes in this beta:
- Resolved very rare crash in Google maps
- Labels in track stats view or track cost view are not having black edges anymore
- Distance to a camera warnings on iPads in landscape orientation are not truncated to dots ... when over 1000 meters or feet, but show the distance value as they should.

When full public version 1.8 is available in the AppStore you may decide to stay on this beta or update to the AppStore version. There is no penalty in any of these choices.

Polish for iPads, CPU and memory profiling, translations  (released in beta #50, August 20, 2017)

Sorry for using the same splash screen for this beta as well. It’s being tested and localized as public release is getting closer.
Here is what’s really new:
- Polished for iPads.
- Fixed showing costs on a track. Found a bug with not saving extra to the historical track data. Fixed.
- Added a new track view - Map+Cost.
- Optimized battery and memory consumption
- Japanese localization for the new functions and screens (Huge thanks to Pavel Šmajs!).
- French localization for the new functions and screens (Huge thanks to Gilbert Liotard!).
- Fixes to Portuguese localization (Grand thanks to Flavio!)
- Principal changes to handling/recording zero speed points. Now recording enough zero points to serve as a proof of a zero speed, but taking measures from filling track and black box data with meaningless zeroes.
- Principal changes to the track data recording in the “optimized mode”. Now points with reasonable enough speed changes will always get into the log, regardless the optimization level.
>> One known issue stays for iOS 11 beta. When controlling the Apple Music songs app may freeze. This is a known issue in the Apple iOS 11 beta Release notes and I hope Apple is working on fixing this.

Charts with map view for the tracks, polish, more iOS 11 fixes (released in beta #44, August 14, 2017)

Time is getting closer to the public release, so please excuse me using the same “What’s new” screen for the few next beta releases as this screen is a part of localization tests itself.

Here is what’s new in this beta indeed: 

  • New track view screen is completed for iPhones. I will do more polish on it for iPads. You can now switch between this new view and "older" Map and Stats views at any moment.

  • New black box “Visualize and explore” screen is completed as well. Will polish it for iPads for the next beta. 

  • A bug on iOS 11 is resolved where waypoints and cameras would not be shown on the Google map. Used this to make waypoint titles hopefully a bit bigger on all maps. Alerting on cameras was/is working alright and was not affected by the changes in iOS 11. 
  • A bug with waypoints/cameras not showing sometimes on earlier versions of iOS ( < 11) when the map would only be moved by your driving/walking should be fixed now (I believe, more testing is required). Users of the current full public version are not affected by this bug, it was introduced in earlier betas and should be fixed in this beta.
  • Portuguese localization (new) should be complete now. 
  • German and Russian localization of all new features should be complete now.
  • App now requires only "When in Use" location access when it is started for the first time.

"Water sports boat" mode and first preview of detailed tracks explorer (released in beta #39, August 3rd, 2017)

New "Water sports boat" mode gives flash alert by a screen background for overspeed (as sound alert is not audible in the boat and background flash attracts side vision quite well). Plus it shows countdown timer to a sunset + current time. Here is to show the generosity of the form factor for shown values :)

Detailed track explorer is still work in progress, in the #39 beta release only addition over black box explorer is ability to show graph of an altitude. Will add more options , including temporary removed track stats view, very soon.

GPS Blackbox explorer (released in beta #38, July 29, 2017)

Available via MENU > GPX Blackbox > Visualize and Explore. Enables detailed review of a black box data. Focusing on any time span or point on a speed graph or map. Saving a snapshot for later review/use. Sharing black box snapshots including screenshot and data file or reviewing/sharing raw data (csv).

This will be part of both free and full versions. Hope you'll find it as a valuable addition.

Support for iOS 11 beta users (released in beta #36, July 1, 2017)

There are some breaking changes in iOS 11 beta 1 and 2 compared to iOS8-10. Beta #36 addresses them and I'll test/update continuously with new iOS 11 betas as they arrive. If you find any issue while running the beta app on iOS11 beta, please let me know.

Conclusion of land nav features iteration for year 2017 (released in beta #34, June 19, 2017)

Screen or Camera Flash speed limit alert options. (released in beta #29, Mar 7, 2017)

If speedometer's sound alert is not loud enough for you, here are more visual options to alert you when over the limit. "Advanced Settings" > "Flash alert":

BMW test pilot mode. Idle/moving time, average speed monitor and alert. (released in beta #28, Mar 4, 2017)

When you can't stop for longer then for X minutes at once and constantly have to monitor idle/moving times, average speed and distance passed - You are probably a rally driver or a test pilot for BMW :). Then this is the mode for you:

Simply do MENU > MODES  and pick "BMW test pilot" mode at the bottom.

In this mode, TIME panel shows idle/moving time monitor and allows to setup the current stop duration alert. By default, alert is disabled. Tap on a @"-------" button above the ALERT label in the time dash to open the alert settings:

You can setup both the alert timer and options for alerting as Voice, Beep or Vibrate:

Return back to the main screen and now, whenever you stop for longer than the idle alert threshold, you'll bee notified by a beep, voice message or vibration.

Off road route navigation with voice guidance and off course hints (released in beta #25, Feb 19, 2017)

What started as a simple GPX route import ended up in a route planning on the map and navigating along it with voice directions and hints when you are off the expected course. I could not just stay at shallow "imported!" and then what? This is not a road turn by turn navigation though. This goes by "lines" not the roads between route points. As automatic tracking was and is in the queue before the road turn by turn, it will be implemented first and then I'll return back to the road based turn by turn.

Here is a video review of how this off road navigation works: 

While staying at beta in speedometer until the release with automatic tracking is ready, this off road route navigation will be publicly released in our outdoor navigation app - Compass 55 around Feb 23rd, 2017.

You'll find many more changes in this beta:
  • Menus have been reworked so all of the options are always visible and you don't need to scroll to see all of the options - means better safety.
  • Location and waypoint sharing now works better for sharing via Viber, Facebook and all others.
  • Waypoints list now features "filter by collection" or "All" options.
  • You can search by address or coordinate on the main map screen, just cancel the centering by the "follow me/not" button.
  • Waypoint collection of type "route" has been added and you can now plan your trip/route on the main map, seeing its total distance and the next leg length.

Night mode for the Google map (released in beta, Oct 25, 2016)

Color coded waypoints (released in beta, Nov 2nd, 2016)

You can set default waypoint color on the whole collection:

In the collection list this default color is shown as a small colored "stripe" on the left:

Color can be overwritten for each waypoint in the waypoint editor:

Or you can revert to the default collection color here as well.

Adding timestamp to the export files (released in beta, Nov 2nd, 2016)

        Request came from Jim and it's definitely a great idea helping to avoid overwriting export files by accident. Now timestamp with date of export is appended to every output file name:

Save/Export trips and tracks directly to dropbox or iCloud drive (released in beta, Nov 2nd, 2016)

New "Save file" option in trip/track export:

That gives you options to save the export file directly to Dropbox, iCloud drive (or even your mac via airdrop):

GPX/KML waypoints export (in addition to current different csv formats). Released in beta, Nov 9nd, 2016

KMZ/KML waypoints EXPORT so waypoints' images and audio can be exported as well packed into the single KMZ (beta #25 - 22-Dec-2016)

Open the list of existing collections:

Tap on a settings button on a row with a collection you want to export and use the "action" button:

Choose "Export" action and pick the desired export format:

Once you pick the row with the target export format, "Email" and "Save" options will appear. "Email" option will add the export file to the email as an attachment. "Save" provides options to save the export file to iCloud drive, Dropbox, Google drive and any other "drive" for which you might have the corresponding "drive" app installed. If you have airdrop on your Mac enabled, it will appear there as well. Here is an example from my iPhone: 

IMPORT tracks and waypoints from GPX files (beta #25, 22-Dec-2016)

App offers 3 options for the GPX import:

  • Waypoints. 
    Will import all waypoints inside the GPX <wpt> tags into a single new collection with name corresponding to the import file name.
  • Tracks. 
    Will import all tracks inside the GPX <trk> tags into a single new trip with name corresponding to the import file name. Each track is imported as a separate track inside the trip.
  • Waypoints and tracks. 
    Takes care of all waypoints and tracks inside the file. All waypoints will go into 1 new collection and all tracks will go into one new trip, each track will be imported as a separate track.
If everything goes alright, you'll see the import completion dialog:

If there is any problem with the file format or content, the app will tell you :). You can always use a star button on the main screen to email me if you find something missing or not working properly.

Here is an example of how the imported tracks may look:

or waypoints:

Huge thanks to Harrison for the plenty of test GPX data provided based on his crawling through the New Zealand forests (and for the permission to use screenshots with them on this site).

Coordinate, distance and heading tools for the "don't follow me" map mode (beta #25, 22-Dec-2016)

By default map follows your location and rotates so top of the map always shows ahead of you. You can cancel that by tapping on a "follow or not" button:

When map centering is off, red arrow appears pointing to a map center and toolbar is shown at the map bottom:

#1 - Coordinate the red arrow points to.
#2 - Heading of the red arrow. When map is setup to point always to North, still "rotate" the map and arrow will change its heading.
#3 - Distance between the arrow head and the current location.
#4 - Plus button to add waypoint at the place the red arrow points to.

This way you can check the heading of any building front or highway/road, measure the distance between you and point on a map and see coordinates of any point. If you want to navigate or share this coordinate, just tap on a plus button and waypoint editor will have all  these options for you.

All functions above are already released in beta version. How to join beta testing

Here is what is being cooked

Right now:
  • Automatic tracking.
  • Tags on trips and tracks.
  • Monthly stats (also as infotainment). Mileage by year/season/month/week or tag.
  • Offline maps from .sqlitedb and .mbtiles files.
  • KMZ waypoints IMPORT so waypoints' images can be imported.
  • Time limited speed limit signs
Second wave:
  • OBD2
  • My suggestion would be if it could be possible to automatically upload the black box logging in regular times to e.g Dropbox folder. (Stefan via email)
  • 0-X timer
  • Land meter. Indicates the angle of car slope or tilt — pitching and rolling
  • Lean angle for bikers
  • Turn by turn navigation - online Apple. Many, many +1s.
  • Own vector maps
  • Apple watch app
  • Graphs

Repository of ideas to grab from

Small to mid size items

  • Indicator to show if you are going up or down. Maybe having elevation green if ascending and red if descending (Cannery rogue via review).

  • I love this app! It has all I need for driving at quick glance/ touch as I trek across the state and back to visit my fiancée doing her residency. The full screen map mode is my favorite with the music controls on the side. My suggestions would be, in order of importance. 1) Please have the option to put the map in a true night mode, not just make it dimmer. See how Google Maps does it for reference. 2) In full screen map mode please give the option to adjust the size of the speed. It is a bit small now, so a few options would be nice. 3) Again in full screen map mode, if I could move the music controls to either the bottom or the right side I'd be very happy. (AtHiggins via review)

  • I want to be able to record on camera at the same time with the GPS in speed (Garry via email)

  • Choose the default view to the initiation of the application .... the top would have a speed limit database and to link alerts to the database (with% in user choice ). (With manual selection maintains the view). michel.dani23 via review (French AppStore)

  • Analogue speedometer with adjustable top speed (Zach Grasley via review)
  • Hi Stan, I hope u don't mind but I have come up with a new suggestion that may make Speedometer very appealing to car enthusiasts like myself. Adding a dyno bhp graph functionality. You have everything you need, the starting speed, input a few things about the car weight etc and you can work out the estimated whp/bhp graph from the accelerometers remember to allow for inclined/declined. (Brian via email)
  • Is there any way of suppressing the notifications I get on the iPhone like texts and calendar alerts! These come up and cover up the speedo readings. Thanks (Stewart via email).
  • - calculate mpg based on a button to note a fill up with gallons added as an input and tank capacity as a stored setting (Kurt via beta invitation)
  • Large speed display at the top then below that across and not as large but easily see able, distance, time travelled, may be compass, music and menu only. I'm not sure about altitude. 
    Speech control music would help. (Viken via email). 
  • Play/pause button being right next to the flag (starts new track) dropped my current data unintentionally with no option to resume track from the track list... Separation of the buttons and ability to resume tracks would be nice. (Justin via email)
  • Deep search in the app (waypoints and tracks)
  • Auto background on power cord on/off
  • MPVolumeView (easier selection of the sound output)
  • Add counters reset confirmation dialog to avoid incidental reset of counters.
  • Give a chance to download only the missing zoom levels for the offline map!
  • More options for a speed limit announcement - beep instead of voice, lets say (Waze does it this way)
  • Option to keep speed limits in a dedicated collection
  • Dedicated lane camera type
  • RADAR View (view cameras monitored approach on a live map on in a dedicated "radar" view with no map). Now done by a waypoint monitor panel.
  • SPOTIFY integration
  • Categorize track optimization modes as driving, sport, research
  • Raw log and sessions replay for the accelerometer and tilt/roll data.

Mid to huge size items

  • Automatic speed limits - try OSM data (planned for beta in November 2016)
  • Route planner. Optimize route between multiple waypoints.
  • Auto miles as a free in-app
  • Wifi back/rare view camera to be shown automatically when switched on.
  • Turn by turn navigation - online (Google + Apple). Many, many +1s. (Scheduled for after iOS10 release).
  • Vector maps
  • Turn by turn navigation - offline
  • COST tracking module
  • Community cloud (doing research now, building a base: going the Erlangy/NoSql/Postgre path)
    • keep data, settings
    • cost and reports
    • follow community members on a map
  • Gas prices information
  • ETA to waypoints (+ in a different way - based on a recorded track)
  • Apple watch app

The list above is based on YOUR ideas and developer is totally open to accepting new ideas. You can add your ideas or give +1 (important to set priorities!) to existing via your reviews or emailing the developer (star button). Here is a review link for a FREE or FULL versions.