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Photo notes editor - Settings.

Version 2.0 of the GPS Camera 55 adds settings for the photo notes editor. Located in Settings > "Photo notes editor":

Following aspects can be configured:

Option to open photo note editor automatically as the first step of previewing captured photo.

Set to NO by default, but if you find yourself forgetting to edit/review notes for the photo before or after capture, here is the new option for you: "Open photo notes editor automatically after capture". 
This will only work if your Capture settings are set to Preview after the capture, not to Save.

Option to customize format of a photo automatic title.

By default, photo title is pre-populated with date and time in the format of "ddMMMyy HH:mm". From version 2.0 you can change this default format to match your business needs.

For example, format as 'DAY'DD'YEAR'yy-HHmmss will result in the following auto title:

Where DD stands for the day of the year (22-March-2020 was the day and it is 82th day of year 2020).

To show something that is not date/time related in the title you'll have to separate these parts with single quotes, like 'DAY' part above. In this way, you can setup anything of your own in the automatic title.

We welcome all ideas on what further customizations you'll need here.

Btw, if your keyboard will only show an "angled" quote, hold it until a straight one is shown and then tap on it to use:

More information on date and time formatting: