2019-11-02: Intro to Meditation

Intro to Meditation with Wendy

Every First Saturday | 11:00am-12:00pm

at Blissful Life Corporation

2100 SE 17th St, Suite 110, Ocala

Suggested Donation: $10-15

Curious about meditation? Tried to meditate but felt like it didn’t work or you didn’t quite get it? This introductory class will get you on the right track. We’ll go over what meditation is and some of its benefits and some of the styles. We’ll bust a few meditation myths and talk about how to meditate. We’ll also do some short, simple meditations to help you try some different kinds. This class is perfect for those who know nothing about meditation but want to learn or who have tried meditation in the past but struggled to stick with it or know if you were doing it “right.”

All classes at Blissful Life Corporation are donation-based. This means that you can give any amount that feels appropriate and affordable to you. When asked, we recommend $10-15 per class, or $60-80 per month for an unlimited class pass-equivalent donation, to help us pay our teachers and the bills. Donate now at http://bit.ly/2rZ5GyJ.