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Bless Your Block

Time to  . . . Get out of our seats into the streets!"

Turn "VBS" or a Saturday "Block Party" or a summer "Work Day" into an opportunity to demonstrate how your congregation cares about the community - -
  • Reach Up (prayer)
  • Reach Out (care)
  • Reach In (share)

Bless Your Block churches:
* Pray for their neighbors by name -
* Care for their neighborhood by need -
* Share their faith-hope-love  . . .

Where do we begin?

    *      Ask God what breaks His heart as you stand on the front steps of your church facility (invite others to join you)
    *      Prayerwalk your block: eyes & ears open ... Take a team with you ... Debrief after your walk

    *      Discover how God is already at work and agree to join him
    *      Assess your congregation's assets: Connections & Contacts & Concerns; Passions & Resources
    *      Key leadership meets to seek God's direction in a prayer-based discussion

    *      Cast the vision: The call & the need; The opportunity & the possibilities
    *      Call for participation & implementation
    *      Organize a team or teams to:
>Pain a porch ... Clean a yard ... Fix a fence ... Replace a broken window
>Wash a car ... Change the oil for a single mom
>Reclaim a park for families
>Repair or refresh a school yard

    *      Provide practical training for hands-on service

    *      Eliminate fear from church members: Share your faith as others give you opportunity or demonstrate interest
    *      Explain how to simply and authentically share the faith, hope and love we have found in Christ
    *      Explain how NOT to share … No pressure; no sermons!

Will your church be Praying? Caring? Sharing this summer?
  • Add your church to the Bless Your Block website @ BlessYourBlock.org
  • Or, leave a voice message (church name and address) @ < XML="true" PREFIX="SKYPE" NAMESPACE="">              < XML="true" PREFIX="SKYPE" NAMESPACE="">              < XML="true" PREFIX="SKYPE" NAMESPACE="">              847-991-0153                     
  • Or, email (church name and address) phil@nppn.org

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