Here are some ideas for Praying for, Caring for and Sharing the Gospel with your Block.




Prayer Meeting - Devote an hour of prayer to discerning your assignment by asking God:

  • What is your will?
  • What are our assets?
  • What community problems or possibilities can we serve?

Prayerwalking -Walk and pray up and down your block in twos or threes:

  • Ask the same questions
  • Ask for spiritual eyes to see spiritual needs hidden in physical/material circumstances
  • Ask the Lord to bring light into dark places and to change the "climate" in your neighborhood 

Prayer Cards - Give each member/volunteer a card:

  • Write the names of 5 persons you know that you will pray for daily
  • Pray blessings for them:
  • B = Body: physical needs and health
  • L = Labor: needs, opportunities related to their work or vocation or finances
  • E = Emotions: healthy inner life, joy and peace
  • S = Social: relationships at home, work and play
  • S = Spiritual: wisdom and truth, a more complete relationship with God

Prayer Stations - Set out a table or booth and invite neighbors to stop by for a prayer:

  • Post a visible sign, such as "Free Lemonade; Free Prayer"
  • Train your volunteers in on-the-street, eyes-open praying

As opportunities develop be prepared to share the faith, hope, love you have found in the Lord:

    • Faith Forum: invite neighbors to a dialogue to better explain/understand a Christian worldview
    • Hope Happening: invite families (of all kinds) to a Block Party with a Christian band or comedian
    • Love Week: ask members/volunteers to share the love of Christ (free Bibles, Christmas Carolling in July...)