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During the summer of 2007, over fifty congregations and and ministries collaborated to pray for their neighbors and neighborhoods by name and need, care for their needs in personal and practical ways, and share the faith-hope-love they have found in Jesus. 


Will your congregation or class or ministry take the Bless YOUR Block challenge?

  1. Gather others to join you in praying...
  2. "Lord, how can we bless our neighbors by praying and caring and sharing?"
  3. Assess - What leading or idea or need stirs the most passionate prayer?
  4. Bless - What simple act of kindness or service project has potential to offer immediate help or improvement in the life of a senior citizen or family or segment of the community?
  5. Confess - Ask God to give you unforced opportunities to explain the faith, hope and love of Christ that motivates your actions.


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"What better way to show the credibility of our faith in Christ than to extend our hands to help a hurting world! Bless Your Block! is comprised of men and women who network to share the Good News the way the early church did: by blessing those who live in their immediate neighborhood by good works and prayer. These acts of kindness are often used by God to build friendships that can give hope to a hurting world. The Scriptures teach that we are to extend our kindness beyond the household of faith to 'all men.' Bless Your Block! encourages Churches to think and strategize about what this means for a local congregation. Here is Christianity the way it was mean to be lived!"

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer

The Moody Church

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