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Blessing Hands is dedicated to helping and nurturing Chinese students by providing international friendship and improving access to educational opportunities.

Blessing Hands History

What is now Blessing Hands began in the fall of 2005 as a simple fund to provide tuition assistance to 216 school children in thirty rural schools in Yangshuo, China. At a 2005 summer English camp, where Betty Cutts taught, Chinese teachers shared the number of students in their primary classes that could not afford tuition. A blog posting on August 29, 2005 reported Cutts’ experiences at the camp, including the needs of these students. The responses she received prompted her to organize a fund from the donations, approximately $2,000. While Cutts served as the funds administrator in the United States, a network of trusted Chinese volunteers were coordinated to oversee and administer the funds in China.

In January 2006, Cutts was notified that the Chinese government had made an announcement to waive tuition fees for students age 15 and under in its Western Provinces, which included Yangshuo. Since donations had already been procured, Cutts adjusted her scope to include primary, lower and upper middle school students in Yangshuo and Qinzhou. Initially, Cutts hadn’t planned for her charity to blossom into a fully functioning organization, but she realized the long-term impact she could make. Blessing Hands has since expanded its services to include many outreach programs for low-income students - from providing life’s essentials to opening an avenue for children to help themselves and others.

Programs currently sponsored by Blessing Hands are:

  • providing school supplies to primary students
  • providing food assistance to middle school students
  • providing tuition assistance to secondary school students
  • providing college scholarships
  • Paying the salary of ten health assistants in a Yao minority area
  • sponsoring art exhibits
  • sponsoring pure water projects for primary schools
  • encouraging book donations and funding for primary school libraries


Legal Entity Definition

Blessing Hands was incorporated in the State of Kentucky as a nonprofit service organization on April 13, 2006. Blessing Hands received its 503(c)(3) nonprofit charity status on  July 14, 2006.