Wei Senbao's Medical Needs Have Been Met

Wei Senbao needed $6,000 US at least to treat his condition. His mother had no means to help him and the family was very poor. The father has been missing since the boy was a baby. He is a Yao Minority child living in Longfu Township of Du'an County in the Guangxi Province, China.

He is now five years old. He had a malformation of his lymph gland from birth that caused his cheek to be swollen. It is a cystic lymphangioma that is a "malformations of the lymphatic system, which is the network of vessels responsible for returning to the venous system excess fluid from tissues".  The blockage would have gotten worse as he grew, but treatment too soon was not advised either. However, waiting too long would have also been a problem since it could have affected the growth of his neck. 

"The prognosis for lymphangioma is generally very good. Surgical removal of the tumor is the typical treatment provided, with the understanding that additional removal procedures will most likely be required as the lymphangioma grows. Most patients need at least two procedures done for the removal process to be achieved. " Dr. Ke tells us. He was with the group that hiked up to see the Ling Wang Kindergarten children and Wei Senbao.  
Generous donors made possible his diagnosis in Beijing when he was three. in the spring of 2013, he was finally able to have his operation which turned out to be three operations all within three months.  He will need another operation when he is about twelve.  If you would like to give for his future operation when it is appropriate, please give.  

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The slides and movie below give you more of an idea of his condition and need. 

Wei Senbao June 2011

See the School in Wei Senbao's Village

Ling Wang Kindergarten and Primary School