Primary Students

Sponsors Needed for Primary Students 

Li Chen
We have a few Primary Students needing sponsors. You can give partial support at $84 a year or full support for all their needs for the year. Full support includes food, books, and clothes for only $24 a month if you check the recurring monthly giving box at the donate button. You can also leave the box empty and give $295 all in one sum for the year. You can see the primary students needing help at this link.  Just choose one and contact us with the name. If you want to give partial support of just school supplies, give $84 a year. Just fill in that amount in this donate button. 

Blessing Hands is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Your gifts are tax deductible in the USA. Our tax EIN is 20-4794276.

ClassroomRural primary students in China often have only desks, a blackboard and teacher. In the minority areas they have one-room schools for the early grades in the villages. They are learning Chinese for the first time since they have their minority dialects at home.  When the students reach the higher primary grades, they often board in primary schools serving larger areas. Teachers usually board at the schools also and oversee the dorms. The school might have a kitchen and two large dorm rooms serving the different sexes.

Du'an SchoolsThese primary schools need just about everything from books to
playground equipment. Blessing hands supports these small rural primary schools, so the kids can receive school supplies and other needed items. You can adopt a small primary school for $5 per child per semester.