Middle School Students

For the price of three sodas ($2.75), our kids can eat for a week in their middle schools in China.
Get a  Middle School Student to Sponsor - contact us. Give $27 monthly and feed a middle school student for a school year. 

 Blessing Hands is a USA 501(c)(3) public charity. Our EIN number is 
20-4794276. Your US gifts are tax-deductible. 

Chinese rural students above the 6th grade usually live too far from home to go home at night, so they stay 8, 12, or more to a room at their schools for the week. They wash their clothes every night and wear their other change of clothes while the first set dries. They are not charged for their rooms, but the food is their expense. They must eat all their meals, usually rice or noodles with vegetables, at school. 

We want them to have meat and a little more variety with their meals, so we have begun a general food fund to make more food available to them than just basics. They bring their bowls to school with them. We want them to have something to put in them besides rice and a few vegetables. 

Our kids come from the poorest of rural homes, and their families
rural village of one of our students
can't afford their school meals. Often only a single parent or grandparent sends them off to school with what little food they have to share. Without our Blessing Hands sponsors, who give $180 a semester in support, they might not have school supplies or nutritious food at all. 

Presently $180 per student will improve their diets for a semester. By the year it would be $362. Please help a child by sacrificing a soda or even a meal yourself. 

Give any amount here. You can even make it a monthly donation of $27. Such a little amount to make a big difference in the life of a student.