Goodgiving Challenge

 This is our GoodGiving Donation Page
Blessing Hands is sponsoring a new program in the Philippines to help ten students at Riverspring School stay in school. They live in a very poor area of Manila in poverty. Being able to go to school gives them a window on the larger world and possibilities that are endless.  

The family of Steve and Jill Hill has been ministering in this area for several years. Blessing Hands has been helping with a feeding program there and basketball outreaches for five years. Now the children will have sponsors for the first time and the school can help them even more. 
We arencouraging students to do a special way of fundraising called Hoops for Children. Ask people for pledges if you do certain feats such as playing a game of ping pong, running, doing situps or pushups, keep a hula hoop in the air for so many minutes, make basketball hoops, etc. When you collect your pledges after you do the feats agreed on, give them online at our giving page. My grandchildren raised $50 over Thanksgiving that way. Ellie ran a minute on our treadmill for a dollar and Josiah threw bean bags in a basket toss.