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Give Books to a Primary School  

Blessing Hands is a registered 501(3)(c) public charity.  Our Tax ID Number is 20-4794276. 

Yaya Luo at Dewo Primary School

Yaya Luo, who is one of our administrators in China, often visits her home county, Dewo in Guizhou Province. She belongs to the Buyi people, which is one of the minorities in Guizhou Province, the poorest province in China. The principal of the village school, Dewo Fumin Primary School, requested that Blessing Hands give them library books and musical instruments. They had a new school but only a few shelves of library books.  Yaya was delighted to help this school get new books and musical instruments from Blessing Hands.

We hope you will use the donate button on this page to give a school library. $250 will buy them a lot of books. 

Give a Library 
Dashuijing Primary School received two shelves of new library books from a Blessing Hands donor. See how beautiful the books are illustrated and the words are in Chinese.

We once gave only donated used English books. One little boy asked me why all the books we gave them were English. He was hoping for some Chinese books. I answered that the children who gave the books only had English books to give. They really love to have new Chinese books in their own libraries. We are delighted to give brand new book when donors help give them. 

McBrayer Elementary School gave $350 for library books to Putao Primary School. I got to see them when I was at Putao. They were on both sides of this book case. 

Putao school bought lots of Chinese library books. Putao has sent McBrayer Elementary children's drawings, music CDs and shadow puppets. McBrayer School has proudly framed them for their library walls.

Two donors gave $300 for library books to Jinbao Primary School in Yangshuo County in the Guilin Prefecture of the Guangxi Province in China. The school was thrilled to get new books in Chinese. Their library, which was a donation
many years ago, contained only old worn out books with many of them in English only. They now have reference, science, and literature books. 
Library Books Given to Jinbao Primary School



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Blessing Hands is a registered 501(3)(c) public charity.  Our Tax ID Number is 20-4794276. 

Mail your check toBlessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead KY.