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Corporate Matching

Enzymax LL
C, Corporate Drive, Suite 201, Lexington, KY 40503, 

      Tel: 859-219-8482 Fax: 859-219-0653 Email: Info@enzymax.net Web: www.enzymax.net

Enzymax LLC is our latest contributor to give when their customers buy their products. 

Give Back “Blessing Hands” Program:

Enzymax will donate 5-10% of sales to Blessing Hands.  Here is how?

Please mention “Blessing Hands” Donation Program on the order form or when you place the order at 859-219-8482 or email: order@enzymax.net.  Order forms can be downloaded at: http://www.enzymax.net/ordering.htm 

Notice the product list in the file attached below. When you order these items 5-10% will be given to Blessing Hands. You just have to mention Blessing Hands Donations Program on the Order Form. 

Note: Other products (not on this list) may also qualify for Give Back Program, please contact Michelle for details at 859 219 8482 or michelle@enzymax.net.

Betty Cutts,
Mar 31, 2013, 3:32 PM