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    What Can I do?

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    Give $100 to our General Fund 

    Empower a student to help themselves and others.

    Blessing Hands wants to involve others in opening opportunities for Chinese students.


    Sponsor your own special student:
    Some students can be selected for sponsorship from our website slideshows. Other students can be selected from pictures on  Contact us to be matched with a waiting student. 

    Primary students need $80 for family support.

    Middle school students need $70 a year for food aid.

    High school students need 180 a year for tuition.
    College students need $550 scholarships per year.
    Use the button to  to give any amount to sponsor a student. 

    Donate your car to Blessing Hands

    We can use your old clunker to raise money for Blessing Hands, and you get to count the full resale value of the car on your income tax deductions. Give your car to us and we will transform it into tuitions. A student went to college on the value of this car. 

    Share the needs of the Blessing Hands students with others:

    Your club, church, service club, family, or work group might be interested in helping Chinese students. We will send you a PowerPoint presentation in traditional or simplified Chinese or English. You can be trained to talk about our students and their needs. We also have brochures in both simplified and traditional Chinese or English that you can use with your presentation. Groups asking for Blessing Hands presentations in your area can be referred to you. Use the contact us page to make requests for supplies.

    Use PayPal with your Facebook or MySpace account to raise support:

    You can raise support from your online friends for Blessing Hands students.Use the new PayPal fundraising badge to raise money right from your personal page.

    Volunteer with Blessing Hands:

    Offer your special talents for Chinese translation, fundraising, commercial art, computers, pen pal services, or secretarial work. Some work can be done by e-mail, so it doesn’t matter where you live. We especially need a volunteer grant writer.

    Churches, Clubs, Groups, and Schools

    Choose a School or Student to Support:

    The power of many lets groups sponsor Blessing Hands students from a whole school or a college scholarship student. Match your school, class, or club with all the Blessing Hands students in a school in China or for a college scholarship for one student. Your brotherhood relationship will teach your group about service in other cultures and open a new window on the world for your sponsored students.

    Sponsor a Humanitarian Trip to China:

    Develop your own summer humanitarian tour to China with the assistance of Blessing Hands. We have had an eyeglass clinic and would like to see water projects, medical clinics, and other humanitarian offerings. Summer English camp volunteers or teaching English for a semester are other possibilities.

    Ask a Blessing Hands Representative to speak to your group:

    If you are interested in sponsoring Blessing Hands or having a fund raising activity through your church or service group, we will consider sending you a representative from Blessing Hands to inform your group (If we have a volunteer in your area).

                                               Youth Service Opportunities

    Blessing Hands Interns:

    When a Blessing Hands group goes to China, we sometimes consider taking a college student as our intern. These arrangements would have to be made through your university and would require you to provide most of your travel expenses yourself. College credit can sometimes be arranged. Service can be for a semester and result in a grade jointly given by your university and Blessing Hands. This arrangement can been done at Morehead State University presently.


    Donate goods and services to Blessing Hands:

    As a 501(c)(3) public charity we accept in-kind gifts and services that will benefit our mission. Contact us about donations. Dairy Queen gave us a wonderful cake to auction at our charity auction. 

    Lexmark has given us printers.

    Matching donations with employees:

    Many businesses will match their employee’s contributions to charities. Investigate to see if your employer offers this opportunity.

    Contributions from business profits:

    Pizza Hut has given us 20% of all sales on set days. We will be glad to accept any contributions from businesses and can give a tax deduction that might save you money on your income taxes.


    We receive Grants:

    In the last two years we have received grants from three different foundations. We display our information on, a web page that certifies non-profits. We welcome participation by foundation representatives in our activities, including travel to China.

    The Vitantonio Foundation has given us copies of  Lenore Vitantonio's wonderful CD Born Again


    See our press release:

    We are always glad to supply information to the press internationally, especially in China. Click here to see a  press release called Three Local Women Report of their Trip to China.

    This link takes you to an article about volunteers with Blessing Hands. 

    Give us a chance to tell our student’s stories:

    We will be glad to cooperate with the media to have our children and their needs featured.

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