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Bless with a Wheelchair

Wheelchairs are a Blessing

Our current urgent project is to provide 100 wheelchairs for the Yao Minority people of Du'an County. Cooperating with the Wheelchair Foundation, we have a goal of giving 100 people new wheelchairs on July 3rd, 2014. 

Since the wheelchairs are made in China and the government encourages the project, we will be able to get the wheelchairs for $50 less than they usually cost shipped out of the country. We can get a chair like the one shown here for about $90. It is a type of hand pumped chair. The usual wheelchair is also available for those that need them. 
We want to make sure that Longfu Hospital gets one and all the other hospitals in Du'an County too. We have done this once before in Yangshuo and
found it very successful. 

You can give $90 or more here to bless handicapped persons. What if you needed a wheelchair?

 Blessing Hands is a 501(C)3 public charity and your gifts are tax deductible in the USA.