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Water Purification Project in Longfu Township

Blessing Hands is a 501 (c)(3) public charity. Your gifts are tax 
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Longfu Township is home to Bunu yao minority people. Our project goal is to supply 2,630 primary Chinese children with affordable water purification systems in eight village schools and 34 satellite one room schools.  One unit installed cost only $1,800. 

Water Purifier comes to Long Wang School

Bunu Yao children in Longfu Township, which is designated as a UNESCO poverty area, usually do not complete more than a primary education. Schools are high in the mountains and must be reached by two hour + hikes. There are 6,210 children fifteen years old and under in Longfu with 2,630 of them being primary students. One thousand four hundred and sixty three primary students have to board at school since they live too far away to go home at night. Their clothes may include two sets of clothes.

Adults boil water for tea, but children don’t like hot tea and don’t drink it. Lack of pure water results in alcohol made from Chinese potato (taro) or rice being a common drink even for Yao children. Water is unsafe to drink unless it is boiled, but water is so precious that children will drink anywhere they are from any source. Children often get water borne diseases like diarrhea. In May 2010, there were two cases of water borne hepatitis A diagnosed at Longfu Lower Middle School. Du’an County high school had 120 cases. The primary children have even less access to medical care. Longfu Hospital says that 20% to 30% of medical cases referred to the hospital are the results of impure water. 

Lack of water is their number one problem although dorms, classrooms, desks, and chairs are inadequate in most schools. Schools sometimes have to be suspended in the winter dry season for lack of water. Water is so precious that water purification units would make quiet a difference in the schools, especially for boarding students. The schools lack water systems or proper latrines. Some schools are dangerous since they are so old or simple one room schools. Three classrooms are in village homes. There are 146 primary teachers, most paid 600Y ($70 USD) a month. One hundred and fourteen teachers are from outside the community, so children have to learn their teachers’ language. Yao speak an unwritten language, and most do not know mandarin Chinese.

Students at Shang Mei Primary get their first fresh drink of water without boiling it.  

                                                        Project description

Students at Shang Mei Primary School get their first pure drink of water without boiling it.
The Yao in this area cannot dig we
lls in the mountain rock that covers 96% of Longfu Township, so rain is caught on flat roofs and piped to concrete water tanks. These cistern tanks are ideal for the electrolysis water purifiers we will provide to eight village schools. These units only need table salt and car batteries to create chlorine which kills harmful bacteria in the water.  The purifier can treat up to 55 gallons per minute, depending upon water quality and the size of the unit. These electrolysis units are portable, simple to use, and long lasting. The unit can be carried easily since it weighs only 23 lbs(10.45 kgs). They can be taken to remote one room satellite schools or the home primary schools. Without them the schools will continue to boil water or suffer from water borne illnesses. These units were developed for use in third world countries. One purifier can serve an entire village. Treating a single case of a waterborne disease may cost more than providing safe water for a school for an entire year. One unit installed only costs $1,800. Give a unit and save lives. 

Blessing Hands is a 501 (c)(3) public charity. Your gifts are tax deductible. Our tax number is 20-4794276.

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