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Longfu Hospital - Health Assistant Workshop

Blessing Hands is a 501(C)(3) public charity and your gifts are tax deductible in the USA. 

Money has been spent to buy a medical van to serve the Yao minority people of Longfu Township Hospital.                                                                

Longfu Township Hospital was in dire need of a small van like the one shown in the picture.  The hospital has 15 beds and serves a population of 17,934, including 6,210 children under 15. Longfu is a mountainous Yao minority area. The Yao have their own language, culture, and village leaders. It is often a two- hour uphill hike to get to one of their remote villages or schools. There is little cell phone coverage and no degree doctors in this remote area. That is why we trained twenty health assistants in the summer of 2011 in a course using a book called ‘Where There is No Doctor’. A graduate nurse with cross culture experience taught the course.

 Dr. Tang, the head of the hospital, persuaded his staff to give their Chinese New Year bonus money toward matching funds for the new van that cost $6,090. Blessing Hands’ board voted to raise $4,545. We have been successful in this campaign.  This van can carry staff and patients when time is important. We could call it a kind of ambulance, but it is not be actually an ambulance. It is also be used to transport patients to better care in city hospitals. The Longfu staff was tired of seeing patients suffer because of lack of transportation.