8th Home

"The beauty of the world is Christ's tender smile for us coming through matter." -- Simone Weil

God's Mercy Will Last!   

"Through His promsing, He hopes to lead us, 
through desire and dissatisfaction,
not to a program of massive self-improvement, 
but to an asking filled with expectation."
--Wm. Sampson, SJ

May 22           Volleyball: 8th gr vs. faculty
May 24           Renaissance/Shakespeare Day; As You Like It
May 25           Talent Show
May 26           Field Day
May 30           STEM afternoon
May 31           Lunch w/ Mrs. Garcia; Graduation Rehearsal; buddy party
June 1            Pass-It-On Ceremony; Breakfast; Annual Fund Dress-up Day
June 5            Graduation

Reminder: RRs need to be signed in pen by an adult/guardian every Thursday night

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