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Google in Education Professional Learning

As Google for Education Certified Trainers, we are available to train your employees, individuals, teachers, or staff members on all of Google Apps for Education including the admin control panel. In addition to Google Apps for Education, we can train you how to use other Google products (such as Blogger, Google Earth, Google Places, Google Analytics, Google Groups, Google Reader, etc.) that are relevant to your work, school, or goal.

Dedicated Training

We are full-time training specialist on Google Apps. We are able to focus our time, energy, and efforts to specializing in the entire Google Apps suite. We have extensive experience using and teaching others how to use the Google Apps suite, and have been doing so since it was first offered by Google. We are particularly mindful of the ranges of organizational roles and contexts, and work to make Google Apps relevant, accessible, and manageable for all users.

Converting Users from other systems

We have experience guiding clients moving from Microsoft Exchange/Outlook and GroupWise to Google Apps, for example. Generally, on any transition project, our goal as a trainers has been to develop an understanding of the existing system (no matter what system) very well prior to the training, so we then can help connect new Google Apps users with a framework that is familiar and address concerns or questions during their transition with attention to their previous experiences.

Short Course (Learnshops)


Google Apps Integration

Fully integrate your Google Apps domain at your school/district with specific training on Super Admin Management, Google Apps Teaching and Learning integration, Google App by App instruction, and courses for Parents/Community.

Advanced Search

The science of “Search” is ever evolving and we want to help you find great content to use in your classroom. In this short course you will get tips and use advanced search functions that will help you find the resources you need for your teaching and learning--FASTER! This session will help you make the most of your time so you can spend your time focusing on your other responsibilities.

Google GEO: Possibilities with Earth and Maps

A surprising journey into the ways Google Earth and Maps can be used to teach and learn across the curriculum. Learn how to bring more geography, history, and global perspective, while allowing an avenue for creative thinking and expression into daily instruction and learning.

YouTube (EDU, Schools, and Teachers)

Video in the classroom has never been better or easier. Discover how to create, access, and share interactive videos through the power of Google’s YouTube for EDU, YouTube for Schools, and YouTube for Teachers. Learn best practices for using video in and out of the classroom, using a flipped approach, and create a media channel of your own.

Chromebook Consulting: Getting Started Your Chromebook Plan Whether it is for 30 Chromebooks or 20,000+, we will assist you in designing and implementing your Chromebooks deployment. From selecting which Chromebook is right for your needs, to your options for insurance, device cases, and carts, we are here to help. We also assist with Chromebook enrollment, student distribution, and in preparing your community members for the initiative, including planning for related professional development and training.

Managing your Chromebooks

Discover the power of Chromebooks with the Chrome OS Administrative Management training. We will guide you through the process of configuring settings related to policy, security, apps, and organizations structures in the management console of your Chromebooks so you can start using them right away!

Chromebook Short Course: Making the Most of Your Investment

Chrome Chameleon User Training

Assure that all users are prepared to benefit from your Chromebook investment. Master the unique functions, apps, and extensions that are available with Chromebooks and the Chrome browser, while learning to remain flexible and comfortable enough to change with the web and what Chrome offers. Become a Chrome Chameleon! This course can be tailored to suit administrators, teachers, and/or students.

Google Apps Integration

Fully integrate your Google Apps domain with focused professional development. Available short course opportunities include Super Admin Management, Google in Education Teaching and Learning integration, Google App by App Instruction, and short courses for Parents/Community.

Curriculum Integration

Once familiar with a device or new technology, teachers often ask, “How do we make this work for our classrooms?” Find out how! We offer custom-designed short courses for any particular content area or style of teaching. Teachers can learn how to integrate technology in ultra-focused sessions shaped by their identified priorities.

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