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Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog was born the same year the Beatles came to America and grew up in its heartland. Until the age of three her older brother had her convinced she was originally born a monkey, but eventually turned into a little girl. She is no longer as gullible.
She spent her 20s as a poet punk rocker with an attitude and lived all over the U.S.  After successfully avoiding responsibility for almost 30 years, she finally returned to her hometown in the heartland and settled down to raise Little Dog, who is her proudest accomplishment.
Having been raised by a very busy single mom, she always dreamed of someday having a "normal" family. Instead she got what she lovingly refers to as her "Weird Little Family" and she wouldn't have it any other way. In addition to a son she gave birth to (LD) she also has a daughter whom she did not (KD), a wonderful ex-husband whom she's never been married to (DD), a poorly chosen ex whom she was unfortunately once married to (RB), and her best friend and partner in crime during the infamous punk years, Muller, whom she wishes would also return to the heartland. Sometimes families aren't made the traditional way, but they become our families nonetheless.
YD has seen far too many concerts to name; read more books than most and still hopes to someday marry Paul McCartney (Ed.: Call me, Paul!)
Other random factoids about her are as follows:
She is a practicing Buddhist; an advocate for social causes; a passionate listener; believes knowledge is power; has been to Graceland, Mister Ed's grave, and Laura Ingall's home; cannot stand reality TV; reads at least one book a week; loves Archie comics; thinks Batman is the coolest superhero EVER; wishes she could get paid for going to school;, drives a sensible car; has a keen memory for numbers; collects robots; bakes awesome pies, annoys her cats and embarrasses her children.  Her blog can be read here.