Validation Working Group Charge:

The Validation Working Group will make recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding the validation sampling studies that will inform EAST retention ​proposals. The Validation Working Group will review and advise about the design and training materials developed for the studies and will consider how the validation study results should affect retention ​proposals.*

Validation Working Group Cohort 2:   Agendas and Supporting Docs:  

        Agendas: No upcoming meetings. 
        Meeting notes/slides:   September 19, 2017 (Notes slides)
                                             September 26, 2017 (Notes | slides)

    Friday, October 6 @ 2pm
    Tuesday, October 10 @ 9am
    Wednesday, October 11 @ 10am

Validation Working Group Cohort 1 Archive:

* With the completion of the Validation Sample Study by cohort 1 and subsequent work by the statistician, rules for retaining additional titles have been devised.   These may be revised if  cohort 2 results differ significantly from cohort 1.