Welcome the Google Site for EAST Retention Partners!

The retention proposals have been issued to EAST Retention Partners as of June 24, 2016. This site is designed to provide information for EAST stakeholders engaging in our collection analysis project and considering retention allocations.  The purpose of collection analysis was to form a model in GreenGlass that was used to generate retention proposals.  The allocated titles that are retained under the auspices of EAST will form a shared collection for use by scholars at all EAST partner libraries. 

For general questions about EAST, please contact Mei Mendez (mmendez@blc.org)

For more information about GreenGlass, please contact Ruth Fischer (fischerr@oclc.org, (603) 746-5991)

If you have questions about retention models for EAST, contact Ruth Fischer (fischerr@oclc.org) and Matthew Revitt (matthew.revitt@maine.edu)