2015/02/19 Ultimate Free Music Tech Resources Guide 2015

19 de febr. 2015, 6:34 publicada per Antoni Miralpeix   [ actualitzat el 1 de maig 2015, 8:40 per Antoni Miralpeix Bosch ]

As a music technology software trainer, I’m always on the lookout for quality free and low-cost resources for teachers, students and other musicians. In 2009, I ran my first Music Technology On A Shoestring workshop at a conference in Melbourne, Australia, where I presented a number of the resources on these pages. Over time, the list of resources has more than tripled and I decided that it was time to make a guide which I could share easily and update on an annual basis. Please note that while most of the resources mentioned are completely free to use, some of them have optional paid upgrades which unlock extra features, levels or services. I highly recommend upgrading to a paid option if your budget allows - the extra features are always better and in some cases upgrading will simplify the way you track student work. 
Antoni Miralpeix,
19 de febr. 2015, 6:34