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Pictures of the Patches, a link to local Potato Guy & harvest?

posted Jul 17, 2010, 9:43 AM by Denny Hunt
Here are few pictures of both patches; the fist one wich was planted on April 11
This is the side with the German Butterball
and this is the side with the Princess LaRatte Fingerlings

Here are some shots of the new patch

In the following two pictures you can see the difference between the varieties of the plants. 

Here is a Princess LaRatte blossom which usually bloom first.

But sometimes the German Butterball blossoms sneak up on them!

Hope you enjoyed these pictures.
Craig Lindquist from Sonoma honors the LaRatte lovers
and also from Craig, more on potatoes!
Folks, yours truly miscalculated Harvest! (Guess I've been caught up in gopher trapping!) We are actually going to start some harvesting this next week! So we will have a limited supply of baby Princess LaRatte Fingerlings for you starting on Saturday July 24!