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Doctor Up !

posted Sep 9, 2011, 4:57 PM by Denny Hunt


No – sorry – in this case we are talking about the antithesis. There is no synthesis. Thank God.


What good is a glass that is half full if you cannot even stand to smell what is in it?


Go ahead and pour it out and think of the great promise of an empty glass! 


What does this have to do with potatoes?  Hang in there.


Many will nod when you explain that in the US the food is cheap and the medical costs are high.  Some of those will nod when you tell them that it can be risky visiting your doctor for he or she will likely send you off to the drug store with a permission slip for a whole new round of problems added to the one that got you going to the doctor in the first place.


So for all you nodders out there, I have a couple of suggestions and none of them originate with me, but they sure do resonate with me.


First – the human body is beyond amazing in its ability to heal itself, but it needs the right goodies to do such a thing and practically all of those goodies are just plain food – food like what was consumed by humans for generations.  Most of the diseases that you hear about today are the result of the factory foods that have been consumed in the last 50 years or so.


Second – we live in the age of information even though one day we may be considered one of the most deluded populations in recorded history – the fact remains that if there is something you want to research – it has never been easier or cheaper.  If you want to know something your biggest obstacle will be staring back at you in the mirror.


Third – Go to the source.  Sure – the local markets have their GO LOCAL campaigns, but unfortunately virtually none of those staffing the produce departments have ever been to one of their supplier farms which in some cases are only about a 5 minute drive.  Same goes for the farmer’s markets where in my opinion they are just too close to a version of your grocery store with fewer bar codes.  I say this because I ask the people selling questions about how things are grown and I was amazed how many of those sellers could not answer my questions.  So the source IS the farmer at his farm.  Start with the most expensive food you buy locally, find that local farmer and then work your way down according to your own curiosity meter.  The farmers you meet will be thrilled that you took an interest and you will know things about your food that will pay off big.  The relationships built by doing such things are typically good ones and in some cases you can get first hand knowledge about who and what to avoid when it comes to your collection of farmers and your health.


Just about to get off the soap box and yours truly at Blankity Blank will kindly end with the old adage – “It is better to know your farmer than your doctor!”