Welcome to Blankity Blank Potatoes & Produce
Since we live on Blank Rd. the name was irresistible!


This our fifth year of potato farming. We started when the land became available after many years of silage production for the family dairy. We were coached by a local family who started in the potato business in 1853 and we are a 4th generation farming family.


For 2013 we have German Butterball, Viking Purple, Princess La Ratte Fingerlings, Red Lasoda and Bintje and other produce too!
These are mostly from organic seed and grown the old fashioned way. We even used an old restored Iron Age Potato Planter from the 1920's and two 6 year old Percheron Draft horses to plant over one acre of these delicious potatoes. 
You can watch the video here.
We have a mule named Marshall Cash and a donkey named Hail.  Marshall is in training for farming work and Hail is already trained, but we all need more practice! 
You can find our potatoes at the Oliver's Market in Cotati, Sonoma Markets in Sonoma and Glenn Ellen, Gypsy Cafe in Sebastopol, Food for Humans in Guerneville, Coffee Bazaar also in Guerneville and we also sell directly from the farm.
Evenings and weekends are best.  You can also call first at 829-2380 - or email us at sendin4784 [at] comcast.net or just show up and ring the cowbell on walkway gate. 
Prices are shown on the  2013 Potato Page.
Directions on the map page.


Harvest starts in August so come and get some potatoes!

See you soon!


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Naturally grown
the old fashioned way