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Power School and Home Base

PowerSchool is a fully integrated, web-based, cross-platform Student Information System.  All North Carolina Public Schools use Homebase - PowerSchool as their Student Information System.  

Major Components of Pearson PowerSchool
PowerSchool Student Information Module: PowerSchool is a secure Web-based Student Information System (SIS) that provides real-time information to school administrators, teachers, parents and students.
PowerTeacher Module:  PowerTeacher is the gradebook component of PowerSchool, which tracks grades, attendance, demographics, incidents, transcripts, graduation requirements, schedules and other key factors of students.
Parent Portal Module: This is a secure web-based student management system designed to strengthen communication between the school and home on a daily basis. This gives parents and legal guardians access to their child's attendance records and academic progress, thus allowing a partnership of transparent information on a daily basis.
PowerSource Module: PowerSource is a community-focused customer support portal for all Pearson School Systems products.  PowerSource is available to all district and school staff, including teachers, administrators and IT staff.

  • Expansive Knowledgebase: Quickly search through over 33,600 articles and documents
  • Forums: Connect and collaborate with more than 212,600 members in over 10,700 discussion threads, courses, interests
  • Professional Development: Immersive and comprehensive web-based distance learning courses
  • Mastery in Minutes: A growing list of more than 150 interactive tutorials
  • Monitor Tickets: Track the progress of support cases in real time
  • Account Management: Control access for all staff in the district
  • Labs: Learn about new and future technology

Carrie Warren, NC SIS Coordinator
(910) 862-4136 ext. 183

Barbara Lennon, NC SIS/Testing Administrative Assistant
(910) 862-4136 ext. 122