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 Who we are                             


With a decade of digital marketing, content development, event and social media experience - Black Sheep-s have a new and innovative approach to connect brands in South Africa with consumers. Simply put we do things differently. 

I started the company with my main focus to help Drive Business value through social insight. Black Sheep-s is about embracing non-traditional media and the resulting positive reach and engagement that is necessary to stand out in the Digital Age.

We want you to trend, We want your campaigns to go viral and we would love to share our passion for social media with you.

The original Black Sheep,

Zani Smit
Co-founder, CEO

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Why we Love what we Do

At BLACK SHEEP-S, we believe that SOCIAL MEDIA             needs to be top of mind when it comes to Marketing             your brand, Communicating to your consumer and             dealing with PR Solutions. 


  • We live in a Digital Age and a brand is no longer what we          tell the consumer it is, it is what consumers tell each other it is.
  • We help our Corporate Clients become the most active,         have the largest online presence and make the most of       user-generated content via Social Servicing, Community Management, Content Creation, Interactive Campaigns               and Pop-Up events. 

  • Our aim is to inspire forward thinking brands; to enable you       to create a platform to speak directly with your consumer       and share with them what matters most.

The Story Behind Black Sheep-s

         A Black Sheep is someone:

  • who doesn't follow the mainstream.;
  • who stands out in the crowd;
  • who embraces the different, the creative, the innovative;
  • who isn't afraid to embrace informal media; 
  • who can find the humour in things. 
    who lead and doesn't follow the flock.                                             

We Like Weird People

                                                       The eight ball
The left-of-center
                                     The wallflowers
                                                               The bizarros
The loners
                                         The risk takers
 The trend setters
                                                       The rejects                                            The out-cast
     The outsiders                                              The odd ducks
The eccentric       ......  THE BLACK SHEEP-S.