Membership Requirements
Who Can Join the Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce?
The Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce was established primarily to assist and promote African Americans and minorities in business.  However, we welcome all persons, regardless of race and ethnicity, to join the Black Chamber.  All persons and businesses must be of good standing in the communities, the Coastal Bend and surrounding areas.  Persons and business owners from other states who may be interested and are in good standing in their communities may also become members.  Business owners, Non-Business owners, Associates, Non-profit groups, Corporations, and Partnerships are welcomed to join the Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce.

Expectation of Members
Members are expected to attend the Monthly General Meetings and get involved in committees in an effort to support the Chamber.  If unable to attend, members are expected to give advance notice to any Board Member. Please see Volunteer Services/Committees Form.

Members are also expected to fully support all EVENTS and activities, monetarily as well as your presence, hosted and sponsored by the Corpus Christi Black Chamber.

Members are always expected to represent the Corpus Christi Black Chamber in a professional manner when attending an event, whether or not it is hosted or sponsored by the Corpus Christi Black Chamber.

Members Benefits
Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to the chamber's newsletter, See Archived Messages...>> 
  • Corpus Christi Black Chamber decals 
  • Special notifications of Events
  • Special rates on radio advertisements
  • Links to other State Chambers and Businesses
  • Special rates on airport advertisements

Throughout the year, members will also receive other discounts on various products and services, see MEMBERS ONLY.

Membership Application
The Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce requires that a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION be completed per person or business, and submitted with your membership investment.  Membership Investments are due annually, per month joined.  The Membership Application has 3 levels:  Business, Corporation and Associate.  Download the application for details and applicable fees.  Invoices may be mailed, per request.  Online payments can be made below. Fees are due, NET 30.

Online Payment for Membership

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