Forms & Resources

Inquiry & Data

Grade Team, Departmental & Committee Meeting Minutes
Teachers, use this page to enter information from your meetings

Minutes & Observations (admins only)
Administrators use this link to enter meeting & observation data.

Quarterly Assessment Report
Student performance on our Quarterly Assessments.

Collected work from students should be entered here.
Response to Data
Teacher-led, data-driven responses to student performance.

Unit Update 2013 - 2014
Information on the next unit of study for your students. Complete before beginning any unit.
Teachers please report all Q-Assessment results in this form.

Instructional Rounds
Forms that teachers should complete during our instructional rounds.
Curriculum & Planning
Professional Development Survey

Curriculum for all courses taught at Law & Tech.

The full Danielson Rubric for teachers and administrators.

Observation Expectations
Guidelines for teachers concerning formal and informal observations.

Lesson & Classroom Policy
Click to download guidelines for all lessons and classroom environments.

Policy Handbook
Our Policy Handbook stating guidelines for all staff and faculty.

Professional Development
Various resources on your personal & professional skills as an educator.

Course syllabi developed by the teachers at Law & Tech.

Tiered Lessons & Scaffolding
Handouts focused on tiered lessons from beginning to end, with a focus in ELA.

Pacing Calenders & Scope & Sequences
Curriculum layouts for academic courses, developed by teachers.

Curriculum Maps
Thematic alignments for Law & Tech courses. 

High School Content Area Glossaries by Language
Provides key vocabulary sorted by content area & language.

The Four Essentials
PowerPoints containing information on one of our school-wide goals.
Post PD Session/Workshop Feedback.
Guidance Counselors Only.

Administrators only.
Requests & Reporting

Program Change
Teachers should submit students' names that need a program change.

Administrative staff use this form for new students to Law & Tech.

Supply Request
Request any supplies you need for you classroom.

Copy Machine Repair
Report a malfunctioning copying machine.

Dean's Referral
Refer students to our Dean.

Youth Court
Access all of our Youth Court resources, including reporting forms.

Announcement Request
All morning announcements should be entered here.

Teacher's Assistants (TAs)
Teachers, request a TA to assist you after school from 3-4pm. Part of our Community Service program.

Custodial Request
Report any structural, operational, or organizational issues with your classroom or the school building.

Tech Support
Report any technical issues with computers, printers, etc.

New Google Apps Account
Any person in need a Law & Tech Google Apps account can be entered here.

Schoolwide Professional Development Form
Teachers and support staff can enter any suggestions for professional development.
Staff members use this form to submit emergency contact information. All information provided will be kept confidential.

Staff members will use this form to request the use of school equipment off-site.

School Trip Consent Form & Trip Plan
Provide this form to all students going on a school trip.