Brooklyn High School for Law & Technology
1396 Broadway
Brooklyn, New York
11221 USA

Map & Directions to Law & Tech

Contacting Law & Tech:
  • Contacting staff members: If you wish to contact a Law & Tech staff member, email addresses can be found on our Teachers and Staff page or you can call the main office (718-919-1256).

  • Website Suggestions/Information: We welcome any suggestions that would make our site more useful to our viewers. We also appreciate being informed of something we may not be aware of that should get recognition on our site. Please send us an email (

Important Numbers

Main Office
718-919-3074 (fax)

Attendance Office
718-919-1256 ext. 1040

718-919-1256 ext. 3181
718-919-1256 ext. 3104

Athletic Office
718-919-1256 ext. 3001

Student Records
718-919-1256 ext. 1100
718-919-1256 ext. 1101