English Language Arts Department                                                                    

Melanie Werner, Assistant Principal
English Language Arts Department
Room 600
(718) 919-1256 X 6000

The Brooklyn High School for Law and Technology English Department believes that is essential for all students to be critical readers, thoughtful writers, and effective speakers. Students are taught to close read and analyze text, engage in meaningful conversations, write extensively, and edit/revise writing through peer and self assessment. Our department recognizes the need to refresh and enhance our material, as well as develop challenging lessons that prepares our students for the rigors of college academics and real world situations.


  • To provide students with engaging and rigorous instruction aligned to with the English Language Arts Common Core Learning Standards.

  • To engage students in critical thinking, inquiry, and problem solving activities.

  • To develop engaged, reflective, and strategic learners who, through real-life situations, utilizing technology, and enjoying learning, can apply their knowledge of English across content areas.

Instructional Goals

  • Teach students to think critically through challenging student centered activities and tasks.


Public Speaking
College Writing
SAT Prep
Jasmine Gray
Grade 11 English

Grade 10 English

Mairym Roldan
Grade 11 English

Asha Punnett
Grade 12 English