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ZeroOneZero - 2009-09-16

ZeroOneZero Minutes

Doug (+Otto)

Jeremiah and Nickolas don't care enough to show up to the administrative meeting.

1. Website & Logo round 2. NS is switched over. Need more than <div style="color:white">I can see this, can you?</div>
Otto, new member Doug's son has drawn a creative logo which we will likely adopt after ditigalization.

2. Classes - review and future
PCB classes will be rolled into Nickolas' Microcontroller Mondays because:
   -They are strongly related
   -Our members are already trying to meet twice a week and having difficulty, going for three times is too aggressive right now given our other goals.

3. Corporation progress?
New member Doug suggested setting up a simple straight profitable corporation.

4. Space race round 2 - Amy is back!
Electricians have been contacted and will be giving quote once action items in follow ups are done.

5. Followups:
Ben and Nick need to move on the Lawyer issue.

Tyler and Jeremiah have emailed Bill Webber, but have not heard back.

Sean spoke to Amy regarding the steps needed to get an electrician in to update the wiring:
  -Send the stuff that is scheduled to go to other people.
  -Resticker items in the garage for donation / garbage. Throw those things out.

Ben's PCB class will be rescheduled for Monday as stated above.

6. Tasty food, beer, and good times!
Food was eaten.
Beer was enjoyed.
Good times were had by those who showed up.

Everybody needs to go to their bank or credit union and find out if they have a "community organization" program, the kind of thing that soccer teams have.
Doug is going to get the IRS process for EIN and California Corporation checklist for applying.
Amy will be stickering Garage items
Garage sale Saturday Sean and Ben will be collaborating on this. Tyler will be assisting for some undetermined amount of time beginning at 11:00.
Tyler will be following up with bill because we have not heard from him.
Sean will high-res scan the logo Otto drew.