Bitsmasher - Hackerspace in Santa Cruz (Archive ~2009)

Bitsmasher has been inactive for some time. This is really just an old wiki put in place so that the old website doesn't link to something random.

Bitsmasher is a hackerspace in Santa Cruz. It is currently in the planning stage and is looking for members. We are currently clearing out space in our first location! In the meantime we are working towards setting up initial corporation, bylaws, and recruiting more members.

Why start a hackerspace in Santa Cruz? Often when I talk to people about my electronics hobby, the start telling me about all kinds of awesome ideas they have, but lack one or more of:
  • A space to work / create / experiment / gather
  • The tools and equipment required (soldering, test equipment, servers)
  • Other people to share knowledge with, collaborate, socialize
Bitsmasher aims towards providing these things for it's members and friends. Focus will be:
  • Computer related stuff. Websites, coding, networks, etc
  • Electronics. Soldering, microcontrollers, inventions
  • Physical creations. Everything from robots to knitting to musical instruments.
What resources will be available?
  • Workspace tables w/ power strips. Hoping to find a place where using a dremel would be acceptable.
  • I'd like to implement some kind of locker + tray system where a workspace can literally be picked up and secured out of the way in seconds.
  • Near cost access to common electronic components. Grab bins of basic stuff.
  • Soldering / Testing equipment
  • Comfy couches and chairs for laptop coding
  • Projector for movies & parties
  • Old computers. I have perhaps a dozen or so that could be put to some use.
  • Books
  • Free google email + apps and hosting on
What kind of activities would take place?
  • Movie nights
  • Workshops - where other members share some knowledge or skill
  • Kit of the week - introduce people to basic electronics and have fun hacking additions to base kits
  • Altoids tin battle bots - minty fresh mayhem
  • LAN parties
  • ???
How does membership work?
  • The general consensus is that $75/m is fair, and should provide adaquite funding for our goals.
  • We are currently drafting bylaws. How members join, are approved, gain access, and share resources is currently being nailed down.