BIT Centar

BIT Center project has a main goal to provide opportunity for young prospective experts and entrepreneurs to start and develop their businesses.
Individuals who have idea or project, young established companies or well established companies that want to expand their markets can apply to BIT Centre.

Occupancy four building with about 2700m2 of office space the Incubator offers quality rental facilities for new and developing small businesses.  

It is important to emphasize that BIT Center apart from office space with modern equipment gives you professional help in finance, marketing accounting and law. Help on sight is something that separates us from others. 

BIT Center has Seed Capital Found on which residents of BIT Centre can apply

Today in BIT Center

25 companies in BIT 

1 ICT Lab
202 people every day at work in BIT

Education structure
65 % with university degree
25 % are students
10 % Ms and PhD

Trening Centar 
9 yers of operations – 6000 people educated

Since opening (18 October 2005)

55 companies were hosted in BIT Center
4 idea developer projects 
1 ICT Lab
30 companies left BIT center
300 people were working in these companies when they left (today that number is increased in half of those companies)

500 are BIT people (are working and have worked)

     Percentage of space occupation

        Building I 98%

        Building II 100%

        Building III 100%

        Building IV 100%