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   What The Department Does
  1. Maintaining a Register of students with additional educational needs.
  2. Gathering information, assessing and operationalising interventions, then reviewing and sharing.
  3. Providing support to students so that they can make the rate of progress required to sustain personal educational development.
  4. Provide in-class support to maintain progress.
  5. Devise strategies and systems to make learning easier for individuals.
  6.  Learn how a student works best and understand any barriers they may have occurred towards learning.
  7.  Provide a Profile Individualised learning plan (ILP) that is always available to teaching staff that provides key information to support students.
  8.  Have a clear Referral system for students who may require support.
  9.  Support teachers to manage and provide appropriate material for their students.
  10. To run group work sessions to develop social skills.
  11.  To provide movement sessions to help students develop motor planning and coordination.
  12.   To provide emotional support to students who are experiencing difficulties, socially and emotionally.
  13.  To put workshops on to offer information or skills to help colleagues develop their understanding of children with additional needs.
  14. To liaise with parents and provide information, support and ideas.

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   Policy and Mission