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Please use the following videos and presentations to help interpret your student's standards-based report online:

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No speakers? You can access the script in the presentation below by using the settings gear to open the speaker notes:

Create a PowerSchool Parent Account to access your students progress online:

Powerschool Parent Portal

Q - Why is there no standards information in my PowerSchool email report?

A - All of the new PowerSchool views that we have available have been custom coded by Bismarck Public Schools Technology employees.  Unfortunately, we don't have access to the code that generates email reports for our parents, so we are unable to customize them.  The best way to access information on current progress if your student is learning in a standards-based environment is to log in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  There is a link to the parent portal at the bottom of each email update.  If you don't want to receive the email, you can "opt-out" by updating your notification preferences online. 


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