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What is Parents as Teachers?

How does the program work?

The Parents as Teachers program is voluntary. Once you've signed up for program services, you are paired with a PAT-certified parent educator who will contact you to schedule the first personal visit. The PAT program consists of four components which help support all types of families.

Personal Visits

The heart of the PAT program, personal visits is usually conducted in the family's home by a PAT-certified parent educator trained in child development. Parents also have the option of having their visit at our pre-school building. The personal visit provides an opportunity to individualize services by adapting each visit to meet the needs of parents and children within their families. Family members are active participants in each visit. Key areas of emphasis during home visits are parent-child interaction, development-centered parenting and family well-being.

Group Connections

Parents are able to gain new insights and share experiences, common concerns and successes at group meetings. The meeting might include playtime, or you might hear a speaker give a presentation to your group. Meetings are also can be designed to foster parent-child interaction through activities such as a various hands on activities, story hour or messy play.

Developmental Screenings

Parent educators use developmental screenings, including health, hearing and vision, to evaluate your child's overall development. This provides early detection and attention to problems that can interfere with learning. Early detection and focused follow-up activities often resolve delays by the time the child enters school. Developmental, hearing and vision testing are scheduled at least once a school year, usually around your child's birthday.

Community Resources

We work to connect families with community programs and resources such as area preschools, story times, (ECI) Early Childhood Intervention and school district information.


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