Application Process

Based on the guidelines stipulated by the National Honor Society, the DeSales Chapter of the National Honor Society has created the following application process:

1. Students are invited to apply in the fall of their junior and/or senior year. Invitation letters are sent based on the preliminary requirement of having a minimum of 3.75 cumulative GPA. Candidates must have been in attendance at the school for the equivalent of one semester.

2. The letter of invitation stipulates that students must attend an interest meeting where the application process will be explained. Attendance at this meeting is required for the application process to continue.

3. The application is emailed to students who have attended the mandatory meeting.  Directions for handling and submitting the application are explained at the meeting and reiterated in the email.

4. A committee of faculty meets to review the applications. The committee includes representation from each academic department. In order to ensure impartiality when reviewing the applications, the committee does not know whose application they are looking at; it is a blind review. Points are awarded to the applicant based on the strength of their teacher recommendations, extracurricular activities, community service, work experience awards, and honor and leadership positions. Applicants must receive a minimum of 12 points, out of a scale of 20, to be accepted into the DeSales Chapter of the National Honor Society. Applicants who receive a score of 12 points or higher on their application are subject to a final faculty review and comment period prior to acceptance.

5. Students will receive a letter informing them of the committee’s decision.  Juniors who are not accepted may re-apply in their senior year provided that they maintain their grade point average.

6. Students accepted into NHS will be inducted in a ceremony in January (at the start of the second semester of the school year).