Homework Policy Highlights

Homework should be used as a tool to help students achieve the school’s mission:

  • “…relevant, challenging and engaging…” - Homework must be purposeful.
  • "...we inspire students to become skillful and courageous…” - Homework must be used to further develop the skills learned in the classroom.
  • “…participate responsibly, successfully and with integrity…” - Learners must be encouraged to work with academic integrity in their homework just as in their school work.
  • "...in the global community.” - Homework can be used to broaden a student’s experience beyond the classroom.

Homework assignments must:

  • Be achievable within the time allowances of the group of students
  • Be achievable without the aid of a parent or caregiver.
  • Build on skills developed in the classroom.
  • Be an effective use of student time.
  • Have a defined focus and purpose.
The following time allowances and rules apply to subjects on a per-week basis:


Core Subjects

English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies

Other Subjects

MFL, Arts, PE, HPD

Grade 6

60 minutes

30 minutes

Grade 7

70 minutes

35 minutes

Grade 8

80 minutes

40 minutes

Grade 9

90 minutes

45 minutes

Grade 10

100 minutes

50 minutes

Grade 11

In IB Diploma, all subjects are considered Core classes, and subject to 120 minutes per week. An additional 50% (1 hour) can be allowed for reading-only tasks and students’ own self-directed consolidation, revision and pre-learning.

Grade 12

The scale of assignments must be considered when setting deadlines. The following guidelines should be observed:

  • Large assignments (up to the full time allowance): at least 5 nights.
    • No more than two tests or large projects may be due on the same day.
    • No secondary assignments in a week where a test or project is due in your subject.
  • Medium assignments (up to half the time allowance): at least 3 nights.
  • Quick assignments (no more than 15 minutes): at least one night.